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Building Responsibility: How to Keep Everyone Safe During an Office Renovation

An office renovation can be an exciting time for a company, but it can also be challenging for management and staff. Here are some tips to help keep everyone safe and productive during an office renovation.


Give your staff regular updates on the plans for renovation, the reasons for the renovation, and what they can expect during the renovation. It is also important to send regular updates on the progress and any changes to the plan. 

Set a Clear Timeline

Be sure everyone understands the timeline for the renovations and set clear benchmarks for the progress. This way, when delays occur, which they inevitably will, it can be easier to explain clearly what is going on and reasons for the delay. It can also help keep people excited and motivated when they see clear signs of progress. 

Get Everyone on Board

Set up a time when your staff can safely tour the space as it is being renovated, this will help get people excited about the new space and motivate them to keep working through the disruptions. It can also help people visualize the new changes happening in the space. 

It can help to have a meeting with your staff and contractor to talk about the plans for the renovation. If possible post images of the design and post the plans and a model of the new space in an area where everyone can see them. Also, allow time for staff to offer feedback or ask questions about the new space. They may have insight into the space that could be very important. 

Control Dust

If you have staff working onsite during an Office Renovation Toronto, it can be very difficult to keep the dust from construction out of the working space. Consider hiring an additional cleaner to clean dust and debris at the end of the day. Put up plastic sheets and barriers to separate the working areas from the saws, grinders, and wall dust. 

Use air filters to help keep as much dust as possible out of the air, and change the air filters regularly. Be sure to keep the plastic away from windows and lights to help boost moods. Use cans of compressed dust to help remove dust from keyboards and other electronic equipment.


Construction noise can be a big issue for working employees. Consider scheduling contractors to work later in the day or in the evening when workers are not around. Talk to your contractor about when the noisiest jobs will take place and consider moving your employees to an alternate location for these periods.

For lower-level construction noise, noise-cancelling headphones can help some staff tune out the construction sounds.


If your staff are working in a construction site during office renovations, be sure they have proper safety equipment. This includes

  • hard hats
  • safety boots
  • face masks
  • eye protectors
  • work gloves

Workplace Safety Scarborough has clear safety guidelines to ensure workers are safe during construction work. This also includes signage for all entrances to the site to make sure they are clearly marked as under construction, that proper safety equipment is required to enter the space and that unauthorized individuals do not enter restricted spaces.

Don’t forget about your customers

If you have customers or clients visiting your office, be sure they are aware of the renovations and the changes taking place. Ensure signage is in place to alert the public to the construction areas and make sure they are alternate arrangements for parking and delivery options.

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