NICOP registrations via MRT

Applying for National Identity Cards For Overseas Pakistanis has been made easier by providing them with the online NICOP registration services. This has considerably reduced their efforts of going to the offices for regular visits in order to complete the whole process. The mobile registration method came as a boon especially for elderly people who otherwise face trouble carrying out the process in an offline way. The people who have infants also got highly benefited by the mobile registration process. The benefits also extend to the handicaps or physically unable people who can utilize the benefits of mobile registrations and avoid physical visits. The facility of mobile registrations is open for those overseas areas that come under the Pakistani consulates. The Pakistani citizens of such faraway countries can benefit themselves via the MRT process.

Application process through MRT:

Firstly it is important to note that the process of application through MRT is exactly the same as it is via NADRA. The process follows the same rules, documentations and steps. The swift registration centres of NADRA are responsible for the processes of data capturing which is done live. The whole process requires important documents of CNIC or the old NIC in order to proceed with the process.

It is also important to consider that in many countries NADRA offices may require prior appointment registrations. On the spot process may not be conducted therefore all the guidelines must be properly read before visiting the office.

Even though the MRT process reduces the effort required to visit the office daily, still there is a need to be physically present at least once in the NADRA office to register the live data recording process. The physical visit is also required for the data verification step. Only the original documents have to be taken for the verification.

Types of Processes for MRT registration 

There are majorly two types of processes for NICOP registration. The processes remain the same in both the NADRA offline registration process and the Mobile Registration Teams method.

  1. Fast Track process:
  2. The fast track process, as its name indicates, is a process that takes less time to be completed. This process usually takes the minimum time of two to three weeks to complete. The NICOP card is delivered to the individual address that is being given to the NADRA office. The fast track process is really efficient but it can be sometimes delayed in cases of discrepancies such as in case of wrong information provided during the registration or in case of verification issues.

  3. Normal Process:
  4. As the name of the process suggests, this process usually takes longer than the usual fast track process. This is suitable for someone who is in no urgency to get their National Identity Card For Overseas Pakistani. This process may take from six to eight weeks which is about 1.5 – 2 months. The delivery, in this case, is also made on the address which is registered with NADRA. This process might take longer to deliver the NICOP card to the individual due to many reasons such as verification errors, cases of fraud and pending cases of document submission. 

The NICOP card is delivered via the post to the person’s current address. The pack is usually properly classified as important.

In case of a wrong address or some problem in the information regarding the delivery address that is being registered with NADRA, the delivery may not be fulfilled successfully. Hence any change in the residential location of the individual applying for NICOP must be registered with the NADRA office.