• New World Developers Accepted the Community’s Endgame Challenge, Experiencing the Difficult Content of the Game

    | Updated on January 9, 2023

    Amazon’s MMORPG New World was officially released in public beta on September 28 this year. Although it achieved quite good performance in the early stage, it once attracted a large number of players and ranked at the top of Steam simultaneous online players. But with all the bugs and tedious content, the number of players dropped by 85% after just two months of open beta. Clearly, the quality of the games doesn’t match Amazon’s ambition to get a piece of the game business. By the way, if you are still playing the New World game, New World Coins is necessary for you!

    However, in the latest update, the developers changed the size of the enemies in the Myrkgard Endgame Elite Zone of the game, significantly increasing the strength of the enemies in that area, which again caused a lot of frustration. The frustration was at its peak when a number of players joined forces to sign a petition asking the developers to open the live stream and experience the Myrkgard Endgame Elite Zone battle for themselves and for all players to see.

    The petition has received a lot of support from gamers, who point out that it’s a meaningful way for developers to get closer to and genuinely connect with the community of players, as well as donate the proceeds of the Livestream to charity. In fact, such live-streaming by developers is nothing new for MMORPGs, as The Elder Scrolls Online development team often live-streams new dungeons and so on. Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV, is often involved in the challenges of high-end replicas in the game and ranks high among players of the dark Wizard profession.

    Given the current bad mood among New Worlds players, the churn of players, and the unstable state of the game, amazon Game Studios was able to take this opportunity to connect with the community of players and make good changes to the game’s content. It started out as a way to let developers know they weren’t happy with the game, and then tweak the game. Who would have thought that amazon’s development team would take up the challenge?

    Amazon recently released a video showing 10 game developers, including game director Scot Lane, trying to take on the much-panned Myrkgard Endgame Elite Zone. At the start of the challenge, the developers admitted that their equipment levels were inadequate and far less skilled than new World’s deep players. But that didn’t stop them from diving headfirst into the Myrkgard Endgame Elite Zone. Despite the lack of equipment levels, the developers put up a good fight, fighting in the area for about an hour. Along the way, developers complained about how bad loot was, sometimes shouted at teammates for help, or whined when they pulled too many weird things. Finally, despite a lot of effort, they gave up.

    The video went down well with the New World player community, who praised Amazon’s developers for taking on the challenge. This appears to be a small part of a larger effort by Amazon to make the gaming community more transparent. While it’s interesting to see game developers suffer in their own games, it remains to be seen whether Amazon can fix many of the problems. New Worlds was plagued by a number of bugs and bugs following its big update release in September, some of which were quickly resolved, but still had an impact on player numbers. As we mentioned above, New World Gold is important when playing the game. If you want to get some, Z2U.com is the best place for you!

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