Dog Have Separation Anxiety? There’s a new TV Station for That

| Updated on October 5, 2023

There’s a new television station that can help with separation anxiety. However, the station is going to the dogs. It will launch in the UK before expanding to other parts of the globe. The planned launch for DOGTV is November 8, 2021.

For the Dogs

The streaming service is a bit different than what many people are used to seeing on their television sets and other devices. It’s a service that has been designed to help dogs who might have separation anxiety when their owners leave them at home alone. Content for the station has been created specifically with dogs in mind. It’s been designed as a way to help keep dogs calm and soothed until their owners come home.

The goal of DOGTV is to keep dogs entertained and to keep their minds occupied so that they don’t think about being alone. It’s similar to popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime but instead of being for people to watch, it’s for the dogs. The shows that come on the station are often scheduled according to a dog’s natural day so that there is plenty of content available for the most popular times when owners might be away from home. Creators hope that the content shown will help dogs feel more confident instead of feeling as though they have been abandoned. They also hope that dogs will be happier, which can make the process of leaving dogs behind a bit easier for everyone, even if it’s for a short time.

Meet the Team

Victoria Stilwell is an ambassador for DOGTV as well as an animal trainer in the UK. She understands that some people might think that a television station for dogs might be a bit odd but that once the concept is viewed, it can offer relief that some owners haven’t found elsewhere. There have been about three years of research that has gone into the development of the station. The content has been approved by those who have studied the behaviors of dogs as well as veterinarians and various organizations.


There are several types of channels available for dogs to enjoy. The Dog Chef features recipes that dogs might enjoy that are easy to make. At Home with Laura Nativo is another channel that features a celebrity trainer who offers tips about how to get dogs to respond to simple commands. There is also a channel that features some of the latest dog toys and items for the home.

DOGTV will be available on most smart TVs and can also be seen on several Android and Apple devices. You’ll also be able to view the channel online. Nicholas Dodman is a professor in the UK and believes that the station is a resource that pet owners can use to help relieve stress that their dogs might have as well as some of the common behavior issues that arise when dogs are left alone. There has been an increase in the number of people who own dogs since the pandemic started. With many owners going back to work and life getting back to normal, the creators of the station hope that the content can help with the transition so that dogs and their owners aren’t as anxious. Customers have already experienced less drama with their pets, such as less barking and a decrease in the amount of chewing that’s taking place in the home.

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