A wristwatch has been part of a set of jewelry for many people around the world. Both men and women always get fascinated with the elegance of wearing this piece of jewelry. You may find many brands in the market today such as Casio Oceanus, Casio ProTrek, Patek Philippe, Seiko and so on, but there’s one wristwatch signature that stood out and has gained respect, love, and interest from many consumers, and that’s the Rolex watch. 

Rolex has successfully gained so much popularity as the founder, Hans Wilsdorf, brought the product to the world of jewelry since 1908. It was a successful luxurious watch brand that, up until now, continuously grows and produces new products to give people the wristwatch they need. Therefore, check the list of new Rolex watches below that will surely top in the market in this year of 2021. 

1. Explorer

One of the new Rolex watches is the Explorer. This has been developed as a mountaineering watch that features a dial with an attractive black color. With its blue radiance and light display, you’ll surely fall in love with the elegance it gives you while you’re wearing this piece of jewelry on your wrist. 

The primary material used in the casing and band of this Explorer series of Rolex is stainless steel, and it’s in a beautiful round shape. Just like the other Rolex series, it’s also water-resistant up to one hundred meters. The overall beauty and the luxurious look of this Explorer is something that will surely captivate your attention and interest to get one.

2. Cosmograph Daytona

Another popular and sought-after wristwatch of Rolex is this Cosmograph Daytona. If you’re a person into sports that deal with speed and accuracy, this watch is all for you. It could be motorsports or car racing. This watch has a particular design that will definitely fit in your lifestyle. 

The design includes the chronograph that you can use as a stopwatch to measure the time when you’re on your bike, or you’re driving a car.  You can also find the tachymeter scale on the bezel of this Cosmograph Daytona watch that will give you the speed details according to the time in a given specific travel distance. 

Moreover, the scale can precisely provide you with speed measurements at the maximum of four hundred kilometers per hour, or it could also be mile per hour average speed. Hence, this Cosmograph Daytona series of Rolex is one of the best options you can consider to be part of your favorites. 

3. Explorer II

The Explorer has been discussed earlier in the first subheading of this article. This next Rolex piece on the list is Explorer II. This watch series will surely give you an entirely different elegance and sophistication. The primary material used for the casing and band of this watch series is also stainless steel. 

It’s automatic and water-resistant up to one hundred meters. Besides that, the design includes the twenty-four-hour hand that will allow you to make adjustments on the hours, minutes, and seconds. This Explorer II truly possesses a beautiful masterpiece of the brand with its Cyclops lens you can find over the location of the date window. The Chromalight display and the overall fascinating design of this watch will surely make you include this in your list of favorites. 

4. Submariner

As the company continues to create a new series of wristwatches that will surely capture consumers’ picky eyes around the world, it has successfully made this Submariner available in the market today. This particular piece of art has a sapphire element on it, with the stainless steel used as the primary materials for band and casing, making the design look strong and durable. 

It has a beautiful round shape with a forty-one millimeters diameter. It’s automatic and has a more water-resistant feature up to three hundred meters. Moreover, many consumers, mostly men, find the design interesting because of its simplicity in style and sturdiness in structure. It fits in most skin colors, and it’ll surely look classy and stylish on your wrist. 

5. GMT Master II

The GMT Master II is another popular masterpiece of the brand for many wrist watch collectors around the world. It’s undeniably one of the best works of art of the company. In fact, not only do men get interested in this Rolex series, but some women also find the design interestingly beautiful. 

It fits in different skin colors and will surely match whatever lifestyle you have. The display is beautifully round, with forty millimeters diameter. Besides that, you’ll surely find the color black so fashionable on its dial display with a luminescence finish that adds to its luster and luxurious look. Hence, this GMT Master II is worthy of being part of the list of your favorites. 


The company has been successful in this industry for many years because it never failed its consumers in providing them with the best wristwatches they could ever have. The list of Rolex watches discussed above is only a few of those you can find on the company’s official website. Hence, if you’re planning to get a wristwatch for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones, don’t forget to check the luxurious list of wristwatches that Rolex can offer.