This time of pandemic has made everyone confused in terms of lifestyle and health. Are you one of those who tend to find different ways to maintain their lifestyle together with their health?

You must be looking for the best option that works for stopping the spread of COVID-19. Well, wearing a face mask is a necessary and essential thing in this severe condition. However, even though it prevents the spread of COVID, a face mask is not always comfortable.

So people started looking for some alternatives; neck gaiter is one of the options that come to mind. The neck gaiter is kind of a fabric tube that is worn over the neck. It is easily adjustable; you can pull it up and down whenever you want and wear it all day.

Let’s have a detailed look at what face mask and neck gaiter is.

Face Mask 

It is a protective covering that is worn over a face. A face mask can be of different types; it can be surgical or disposable material. Since 2020, everyone has to wear these face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19These masks can hold the respiratory droplets and are best during the pandemic. The new Philips fresh air mask is one of the best face masks.

Importance of Face Mask 

As we all know how essential face masks are these days. Some of the important points about face masks are:

  • These masks are medicated and surgical; they indeed prevent the spread of the virus.
  • These masks can hold respiratory droplets.
  • These masks are cheap and readily available.
  • You can easily wear it over your face.
  • These masks are disposable, and this is the best thing about a face mask.

Some Drawbacks of Face Mask 

These masks are best in this pandemic era, but they have some drawbacks. They are not very comfortable to wear. We all forget to wear it, and that is the worst thing about it. Sometimes these face masks make your ears hurt a lot. This is the only reason that people start looking for another alternative.

Neck Gaiters 

Neck gaiters are tube-shaped made up of polyester fabric. You can use it over a neck and face. It is a very comfortable; yet most stylish way to cover your face. But unfortunately, it is not as effective as surgical face masks are. Also, they are unable to hold respiratory droplets.

Importance of Neck Gaiters 

Neck gaiters have some significant aspects such as:

  • You can use it for promotional purposes for brands and organizations.
  • It is very convenient and can be worn all day. You can turn up and down whenever you want.  
  • Neck gaiters are very versatile. You can wear it as a headband, wristband, face mask or sun guard, etc.
  • It is a very comfortable and most stylish way to cover your face mask.
  • It can be used as a sun guard that can protect your skin.

Drawbacks of neck gaiters 

A neck gaiter is used as a fashion accessory, but It has recently had some drawbacks that cannot prevent the spread of COVID-19. Neck gaiters don’t have the capacity to hold the respiratory droplets, and these respiratory droplets are the cause that is spreading the virus. 

Face Mask vs. Neck Gaiters-Major Differences  

Face MaskNeck Gaiters
They are medicated masks They are non-medicated masks.
Prevent the spread of COVID during the pandemic. Unable to prevent the spread of COVID.
It is not much comfortable. It is the most comfortable face covering.
It is able to hold respiratory droplets. It is unable to hold the respiratory droplets. 
They are effective during the pandemic.They are not effective during the pandemic.

Neck gaiters have always been the favorite of athletes during the pandemic. It has recently become the most considerable controversy that wearing face or neck gaiters is worse than wearing no mask; because it might transfer more respiratory droplets than no mask. 

The Controversy of Wearing a Neck Gaiter

According to recent Duke University studies, if you are wearing a neck gaiter, it can transfer more respiratory droplets than bare lips; while talking. This is because the neck gaiter’s material is polyester, and polyester is unable to stop the respiratory droplets.   

On the other hand, the University of Georgia’s research shows that the multiple layers of neck gaiter are effective than wearing no face mask at all. Their overall study shows that:

Single-layer gaiters gave 77% normal decline in the respiratory droplet as compare to no face covering, two-layer neck gaiters gave 81% decline in respiratory droplets; multi-layer gaiters gave 96% decline in respiratory droplets”.

Even if the multiple layers of neck gaiter prevent 96% of the spread of COVID, there is still a chance that it can be a cause to spread the virus. So, we cannot take any risk because health is our priority. We don’t have to compromise on it.

 It is recommended that one wear a surgical and medical mask to prevent the virus’s spread! 

Sum Up 

Now you have a clear difference between a neck gaiter and a face mask. You are pretty aware of the face coverings, which is more effective.

In the end, you can conclude that a face mask is the best option when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID, whereas a neck gaiter is best when you want a perfect and comfortable face covering or fashion accessory. 

So, you can choose your face covering that suits best your situation!