NBA 2K20 Guide to Get Locker Guides

Do you love playing basketball games? If yes is your answer, then you should check out the NBA 2K20 game right now. This game is introduced by Visual Concepts. The name of the Publisher is 2K sports. The game was released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. 

On 6th September 2019, the game was released and the announcement was made in March 2019. This game is a simulation of the basketball game and provides a depiction of the NBA. While playing this game, you can customize your players and give them a new look. You can choose real-life players. Make sure you are following the rules mentioned by NBA games so that you would be able to play without any issues at all. 

You can build your “MyPlayer” and start your journey from college to the NBA. It is easy to take control of your team as the GM. While playing the game, you can easily find your opponents with the help of the new Quick Match feature. No need to wait for your opponents anymore and you would love experiencing new options and features for sure. The interface is incredible and graphics are smooth. 

There are several game modes available to choose from and also easy to customize many settings. The best thing about the NBA 2K20 series is that it includes all the 12 teams. It also offers Candace Parker as well. This game has the MyTeam mode where you can set your team to play and handle a virtual collection of the trading card. 

The game story mode is the best in the franchise which is fully controlling a player from starting to end. It has a few changes and limitation which is not appreciated by most gamers all around the world.  It is still following its predecessors and classics teams have been included in the main roster. This game is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and available online to the gamers. You can find NBA 2K20 lockers codes available online to unlock players.  One such amazing site we found where these locker codes are updated regularly is; check this out –

The different options and features make NBA 2K20 the most complete and versatile game of the series for sure. It has some issues but new updates will sort out all those issues. It has high-quality graphics with excellent sound quality. It’s a stunning game and you would love the physics and aesthetics in this basketball game. The customization and details level in created icons and players from the league is great and the volume of game modes to select from is appreciable. But still, there is no option for a woman in MyCareer. 

Overall, this game is perfect enough for any loyal fan of the previous NBA game for sure. Gamers will experience the new improvement and love playing this game without any second thought. Action and Graphics are combined to create more physical interaction and realistic animation. If you haven’t played this game yet, then it is the right time to play and enjoys your day right now!