Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual issue experienced by many adult men of all age groups. It is a type of sexual disorder that is experienced by men globally. It is considered by men to be a sensitive topic to discuss. Due to the difficulty many men face in sharing their ED issues, it is often underdiagnosed and undertreated. This phenomenon is reflected by statistics from the men living in the UK, where more than 66% have described experiencing ED, more than 27% of men say that they would instead break up with their partner than talk to a doctor. Less than half of men have ever attempted to find a problem in their ED. With the availability of digital healthcare delivery that is exclusively available through a team of healthcare experts and professionals at Numan, it is now easier and more important.

There are many great reasons to choose Numan as you try to solve your issues with ED. Our industry-leading digital health platform that is focused on helping men solve problems that they experience offers the patients the ability to seek and receive expert care from the privacy and comfort of their homes. Numan provides access to UK based clinical experts in the ED through telemedicine visits. These online consultations allow for personalized care to patients with ED. Online consultation visits will result in a patient receiving treatment without having to visit a doctor or pharmacy. The delivery of medicines is done in a way to ensure patient privacy and discretion. If your doctor determines that medication is the best solution for the ED a patient is experiencing, then they can approve appropriate treatment as soon as the same day. However, it is also possible that your doctor might suggest alternative therapies. These can include counseling with a trained therapist. Many patients have described the benefits of using natural remedies for ED treatment.

Four significant causes generally cause ED. These include the following: 

  1. Abnormalities in blood flow
  2. Hormonal imbalance (e.g., low testosterone levels)
  3. Abnormal nerve signaling due to medical issues
  4. Psychological issues

Different men may experience ED occasionally or more frequently. They may experience it at different ages. Each person’s situation is unique, and treatment has to be personalized according to the specific cause. 

Treatment of ED with the following popular natural therapies is effective:

  1. Maca (aka Lepidium Meyenii and Peruvian Ginseng)
  2. L-Citrulline
  3. Panax ginseng
  4. Propionyl-L-carnitine
  5. Yohimbe
  6. Horny goat weed (aka Epimedium grandiflorum) 

Maca and Panax ginseng are two of these popular remedies scientifically shown to treat mild forms of ED effectively. Many men often narrate that they have show benefit with the other types of popular ED natural remedies. It is important to always first consult your doctor before trying these popular natural remedies for ED treatment. At Numan, your doctor can give you safe and practical advice for treatment using natural ED remedies before you take the risk of starting them on your own. It is time for men to get the best care they deserve.