World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draenor introduced the Mythic difficulty system for the first time. And Shadowlands expansion took it to another level with more challenges, obtainable loot, and quests.

Mythic Dungeon: Gather a Party for 15 Key

A mythic 15 WoW package has been pretty popular lately. This is because it gives you a boost, which allows you or your clan to successfully raid one of the 8 Dungeons on the Mythic 15+ difficulty and snatch the rare 210 level booty with the weekly ilvl226 rewards.

Shadowlands has these raid Mythic areas:

  1. Plaguefall.
  2. De Other Side.
  3. Theater of Pain.
  4. Sanguine Depths.
  5. The Necrotic Wake.
  6. Halls of Atonement.
  7. Spires of Ascension.
  8. Mists of Tirna Scythe

To begin one of these quests, at least one of your party members should have a Mythic Keystone. It has to be placed inside the Font of Power within a specific dungeon. 

Needless to say, completing a Mythic zone isn’t like a walk in the Isle of Quel’Danas. Each dungeon has a number of tough mobs that guard it against insolent invaders.

For example, in Mists of Tirna Scythe, you will find three major enemies: Ingra Maloch, Tred’Ova, and Mistcaller. 

Each one is a level 52 and yields some nice loot upon dying. Like, from Ingra Maloch you can earn Scithewood Scepter, Maloch’s Mantle, Rainshadow Hauberk, and so forth.

But having tough boss-mobs is only half the trouble. Mythic+ mode is treacherous, and it conceals the following pitfalls:

  • More Damage. All foes have more devastating attacks and bigger HP reserves.
  • Level System. Dungeons have varying levels. Every time you conquer it, its level will rise. So, beating a Lvl 5 dungeon is way tougher than the beating same one at Lvl 2. 
  • Affix. It’s hard to explain, but every dungeon at some level will have an affix.
    This element adds a dose of unpredictability to how the enemies behave. Therefore, you may have to adapt to new raid strategies.

Needless to say, completing the entire Mythic quest requires some really patient grinding and lots of spare time. 

At least after you’re done with every single dungeon, you will receive a rare achievement — Shadowland Keystone Master. Plus all the epic gear. 

But remember: the dungeon level should be +15 Difficulty and there are certain timer limits. Sounds like a lot of hustle and grind. But if you really want to have that epic achievement under your belt — requesting a pro team to help you would be a worthy idea.

As a nice bonus, you get a chance to obtain one of the Legendary Powers. They will boost your character’s specs and can be found in the loot chest at the end of a dungeon.

Each dungeon will take you approximately 35 minutes to complete. You can choose any dungeon that you’d like to. A team of highly competitive players will accompany you on the quest. And what’s even better, you need no specific gear/knowledge to win.

Break on Through to the Other Side

Eerie dungeons, scary bosses, and epic gear are waiting. You’re only a few clicks away from winning the legendary achievement and looting their treasuries that are full of super rare goodies!

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