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How to Login to Outlook on Desktop and Mobile?

Outlook was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith by the name of Hotmail but was later acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and relaunched as MSN Hotmail. It was later rebranded to Windows Live Hotmail as a part of the Windows Live suite. However, Hotmail was continuously discontinued by Microsoft in October 2011, and in 2012, it relaunched the email service as 2012. 

The Outlook login process is quite easy and is similar to other email services. If you have created an Outlook account, you must be aware of its easy-to-use interface and amazing features. You can get your hands on all the features, once you learn how to login to your Outlook account

Steps to Login to Outlook Account

To access outlook on the web, the following steps will come handy:

  1. To begin with, in a URL, type and click on ‘Sign in’ given in the top-right corner.
  1. After that, enter your Outlook email address and click on ‘Next’.
  1. Next, you have to enter the password and then click on ‘Sign in’.
  1. You will be successfully signed in to your Outlook account.

Note- The same steps have to be followed to log into your MSN Hotmail account that will end with

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Steps to Sign into Outlook on Mobile

If you want to log in to your Outlook account on your mobile device, you can do that too. You just have to download the Outlook app on your phone and then follow the given steps:

  1. Open the Outlook app once it is downloaded; tap ‘Get Started’.
  1. Next, enter the email address and tap ‘Continue’.
  1. Enter the password for your Outlook email and tap ‘Sign in’.

For both the Android and iOS devices, the steps to log into your Outlook account are almost the same. 

Another benefit of having Outlook account is you can configure other email accounts with it such as:

Setup AT&T email on Outlook

Configure SBCGlobal Email in Outlook

Setup Gmail in Outlook

Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook

This is how you can have multiple benefits with a single Outlook account.

Login Issues with Outlook

There can be times when Outlook is not working or you are unable to login. If you are also facing Outlook login issues or Hotmail login issues like 

‘Can’t sign into Outlook’

‘Something went wrong and we can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later.’

‘Hotmail login not working’ 

‘Something went wrong’

And so on.

All these login issues with Outlook or Hotmail can be easily resolved by trying some general troubleshooting tips as follows:

  1. Your mobile device or PC must be connected to a working and strong internet connection.
  2. Ensure that you are entering the right login credentials i.e. username and password of Outlook account.
  3. In case you don’t remember the correct password, reset the Outlook password.
  4. It is important to keep updating or changing your Outlook password so that no one else can illegally access your account.
  5. If you try to login using a new device or from a new location, you may not be allowed to login till you verify your Microsoft account.
  6. If you have enabled two-step verification for your Outlook account, you will be required to enter the verification code to enter the account.

All the above steps will help if you can’t sign into Hotmail or Outlook account.

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