How Do You Find the Right Motivation to Study?

For students, academic motivation is a very important factor in the success of both the present and the future. At the same time, procrastination is the enemy of all students.

Motivation is a motivation to action, a psychophysical process that sets the direction of human behavior.

It can be external and internal. The first one does not interest us much today. But to talk about the second is much more interesting, and in our article, we will talk about how it can be increased and retained.

The Right Motivation

So, how do you motivate yourself to learn?

  • You have to love what you do. The best motivation to learn is a love and interest in your major. Forcing yourself is a thankless thing, so listen to yourself. If a talented artist will study to be an accountant, constantly forcing and pressuring himself, then perhaps he will become a good specialist. But the person will not get any pleasure from his or her work, while he or she will have no motivation to learn and no desire to develop. Believe that everything will work out. Be confident about yourself. Like Jimmy Page, the guitarist of the famous band Led Zeppelin said, “you do not have to believe in yourself, the main thing is to believe in what you are doing “.
  • Don’t look at others. First and foremost, try to grow above yourself. Constantly comparing yourself and your successes to the successes of others can bring up bad feelings such as envy and anger. Or you may become overly relaxed and neglectful. Valuable energy needed for fruitful work will escape. How do you not lose or even get your motivation to study back? We’re not talking about giving up struggle and competition. Just compete with yourself first and foremost.
  • Don’t be afraid of difficulties. Remember what you are working for, and take up the work with new energy. For example, Mohammed Ali once said that he hated the routine and monotonous training every day. But it was the realization that without this training he could not become a champion, and allowed him not to slack off, and in the aftermath ” float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Where better motivation to study than in the study itself?
  • Work and study in a calm, “healthy” environment. Isolate all irritants: cell phone, TV, and other gadgets. If you lose motivation to study, concentrate on a specific task, without distractions, and you will see a positive result very soon. 
  • Step out of your comfort zone more often and do not be afraid of failure. After all, defeat is a priceless experience that makes you stronger. This is probably the most important thing in how to increase your motivation to study.


The worst enemy and antipode of motivation is procrastination.

Procrastination is the tendency to continually put things off. Including very important and urgent matters.

Fight procrastination for motivation. We know firsthand that it is a hard and unequal fight, but it can and must be won for future successes! Just don’t put things off and do today what you can do today. 
Dear friends, we sincerely wish you to increase your motivation to study and believe in yourself! Of course, constant control and work on yourself requires a lot of effort. Sometimes you just need to relax in order not to “burn out”. If at such a moment you do not have time to do your academic work, you can always turn to the essay assistant for help.