The Most Expensive Skins in Rust

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The most expensive skins in games are a topic that interests even people who do not play the games in question. Find out in our article what are the most expensive skins in Rust including how much they cost on average and why they are so costly!

Why are Some Rust Skins So Expensive?

rust skin

Some of the Rust game skins are not so budget-friendly because they are simply much less popular and very rare. Another factor that increases the price a lot is how the skin looks and how much it affects the appearance of weapons or characters in the game. 

Remember to use third-party marketplaces to trade Rust skins because you will find much better prices there than on the Steam Market.

When comparing Rust to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the most overpriced skins in Rust are comparable to those in CS:GO, where the most premium skins (such as AWP Dragon Lore) can sell for over $50,000

However, many players’ favorite survival game also has some gems that are extremely expensive, and you’ll find them all below! 

List of the 5 Most Expensive Skins in Rust


Here is the list of the top 5 most expensive skins in Rust that features alluring and extremely rare skins that will help you stand out of the crowd as well as offer you a supreme feeling.

So, let’s check out the 5 most costly skins in Rust.

1. Punishment Mask – ~$1,800

Base ItemMetal facemask
History It got a copyright claim two hours after it got launched in Rust store
Material 50X leather, 15x high-quality metal, 6x sewing kit
mask skin

The Punishment Mask skin which is an item for the ‘Metal Facemask’ is currently the most premium skin in Rust.

  • The alluring Rust skin is available on outdoor marketplaces for around $1800!
  • If you are wondering why it costs so much, it is very simple- there are only about 300 pieces of this skin in the game because the possibility to buy it was quickly turned off due to copyright claims.
  • And if you are curious why the skin was removed from Rust Store, here is a hint – probably the skin resembled too much Punisher’s logo from the Marvel universe.

For more insight on the Punishment Mask skin, you can check out the Punishment Mask Untradable Reddit Thread! 

2. Alien Relic SMG – ~$1,200

Features Specifications 
Base ItemSMG
History It has got an alien design with streaks of Neon blue.
It shoots faster than Thomson with less damage and holds 24 bullets at a time.
Material 8x high-quality metal,1x metal spring, 1xSMG body

Another skin that is extremely expensive is the Alien Relic SMG which is a skin for Custom SMG in Rust. 

  • Alien Relic is expensive for a few different reasons: firstly it’s rare, secondly, it glows and thirdly it’s YouTuber Rcham
  • These three factors make it worth paying about ~$1200 for this skin on the third-party market, while on the Steam Market, it’s about $1800.
  •  In our opinion, this skin is a bit boring for its price and you can find much cooler skins for a lower price.

3. Big Grin – ~$700

Features Specifications 
Base Item Metal Facemask 
History They offer protection from direct attacks and were created 5 years ago.
They provide +50% protection from firearms, +70%stabbing, and +8 bite and explosion.
Material 50x leather,15x high-quality metal,

Big Grin is a skin for a ‘Metal Facemask’ and is one of the most distinctive and recognizable items in the game Rust. 

  • The current price of this skin is around $700. Big Grin is expensive because it was one of the first skins for Metal Facemask and came into the game when very few people were still playing Rust. 
  • We will just add that the price of Big Grin when it was added to the game was around $10.

4. Tempered Mp5 – ~$610

Features Specifications
Base ItemMP5A4
History Has a unique shiny purple and yellow body and is physically the same as a base weapon.
Fires 30 rounds of pistol bullets.
Material 15x high-quality metal, 1x SMG body, 2x metal spring 

Tempered Mp5 is one of our favorite skins for MP5A4 that is extremely colorful but also, unfortunately, very expensive. 

  • The current price on external skin marketplaces is $550-$610. This skin perfectly matches Tempered Mask, which is in exactly the same colors as the variant for MP5A4. 
  • This skin is not often seen in the game and is rather intended for collectors because of its price.

5. Horror Bag – ~$480

Features Specifications 
Base Item Sleeping Bag
History It has a yellow-black combination with bats and pumpkin images on it.
It acts as a respawn point for players whenever they die.
Material 30x cloth

Horror Bag is a limited edition skin that joined Rust on the occasion of Halloween 2015. 

  • The skin consists of bats and the whole thing is in pumpkin colors which are very associated with Halloween. If you want to sleep in such a scary sleeping bag, unfortunately, you will have to spend a lot of money.
  • The current price of Horror Bag in Rust is about $480, and on Steam Market you can buy it for as much as $632

Is it worth it? We are not sure, but if you like spooky climates associated with Halloween then this skin is perfect for you!

So, these are the out list of the most expensive Skins in Rust dedicatedly curated for our readers. 

But that’s not the end of the episode as, in the upcoming section, we have narrowed down some more captivating Rust skins that you can take into your consideration.

Honorable Mentions

As we have stated above, here are some honorable mentions that you can check out while trading for beguiling Rust skins and other items.


Egg Suit  Metal Tree Door Fire Jacket Creepy Clown Bandana

How to Get Skins in Rust?

Now that you have become acquainted with rust skins that will cost you an arm and a leg, the time has come to know how you can buy them from different mediums.

In our in-depth research, we have found the three most conventional methods through which you can accumulate fancy Rust Skins, and they are;

  • Steam Community Market
  • Rust Skin Store
  • Twitch Drops

Steam Community Market

  • Next, add the respective game to your Steam Library in order to purchase skins.
  • Now, from the Steam client, hit “Community” and then “Market”.
  • In this step, simply type the “Rust” Keyword into the search bar.
  • Next, you will come across the list of available Rust Skins, traverse through them, and select the one that you wish to buy!
  • Now, click on “Add on Cart,” and after that, hit on “Proceed to Check Out” in order to proceed.
  • In the end, get done with the payment information and confirm the purchase, and you are good to go!

So, that’s how you can purchase skins from Steam Community Market. Apart from it, you can also consider Rust Skin Store for your Rust Skins cravings.

Rust Skin Store

  • Simply initiate by starting the game and performing login.
  • Now head to the “Rush item store” by tapping on the “Store” button in the main menu.
  • Next, from the gamut of available skins for varied weapons and items, choose your desired skin.
  • After that, select the skin you wish to buy and hit on “Add to Cart” and then “Checkout.”
  • Lastly, complete the transactional procedure, and you will have your favorite Rust Skin in your hands.

By following the above-cited steps, you can easily get premium Rust skins. But do you know via Twitch Drops, you can also get your desired Rust skin? Yes, you have read it right! 

So, let’s check out how you can earn popular Rust skins using Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops

  • First, in order to receive & assume Twitch Drops, you are required to link your Twitch account to your Steam account

(Visit Twitch Connections Page and follow the on-screen directions.)

  • Now, search for “Rust” on Twitch and watch the Rust Streams on Twitch that have Twitch Drops enabled. You can also go through the “Twitch Drops Page” of the list of apt streams.


Prior to engaging in a stream, ensure that Twitch Drops are enabled for the respective streams- which you can do so by analyzing the Twitch Drops Page and Streamer’s Twitch channel description.

  • After that, you are mandated to watch the stream for the amount of time set by the Streamer.
  • Lastly, if you stand tall on the perks of Twitch Drop, you will be notified by Twitch, and the respective skin will be added to your roster automatically.

Hooray! You have successfully learned how to get skins in Rust.


Even though Rust doesn’t have as much skin trading as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it still has items that can reach dizzying prices. Did you like any of the skins on this list? We didn’t like them at all, and you can get much better skins for a lot less money.

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