Employees spent half of their day working. Happy employees work harder and are less likely to seek other jobs. Smart employers offer benefits to keep their teams happy, which in turn increases productivity, creativity, and overall team morale. The following are some of the best employee perks to add to your company to keep your talent happy and recruit the best candidates to join your team. 

Paid Time Off 

 Personal paid time off (PTO) is one of the best ways to retain employees and prevent resentment and burnout. Most companies offer two weeks, but it is wise to up this to three or more days. You can be creative with your time off and even allow people to work remotely once a week, take a day or two to volunteer, and offer other flex work options. Companies can also increase the PTO depending on how long someone has been with the company, which adds an incentive to stay. 

Health and Dental Insurance 

 Health and dental insurance are important for all employees. Companies should offer a range of plans for individuals and families. Take the time to survey staff to stay updated on people’s insurance needs. Some people may want a flexible spending account whereas others are looking for low premiums. Many companies offer health insurance but not dental, so having both is valuable. 

Retirement Plans 

 Employees want to save for the future, so having a 401k plan option is a way to lure in and retain talent. Another incentive is to offer a company match. Take the time to host yearly meetings so people can ask questions about how money is invested, how to grow funds, and to gain experts’ advice. 

Life Insurance 

 Employees want to protect their families in case anything happens to them. Life insurance policies are an integral addition to your company benefits package. Employees like having options around life insurance. People can choose how much the policy is for and who the beneficiary is. 

Health Benefits 

 Many companies partner with insurance companies to add health and fitness benefits to their packages. You can invest in gym memberships for employees, or you can add a fitness reimbursement that employees can use to purchase everything from new sneakers to specialized services like acupuncture. 

Other Reimbursement Options 

 The sky’s the limit when it comes to reimbursement options for employees. You can add tax-deductible commuting and childcare benefits, and you can also add extended family leaves after a birth. Some companies will even pay a portion of employee’s student debt or pay for them to return to school. When choosing benefits, think about what your company can afford and the needs and interests of your staff. 

 Investing in a diverse array of benefits shows employees that you care about them, their happiness, and their futures. Company benefits are a way to show your team that you value their time and expertise. Adding employee benefits improves retention and ensures employees are committed and engaged in their work. Click here to learn more about employee benefits liability insurance and how it can be of benefit to the talent in your office.