Although it may be cynical, it is clear that the Coronavirus Quarantine has boasted digital video content viewing importance and enlargement, providing a wonderful growth opportunity for the entire CTV landscape. In fact, lockdown has not only increased the number of TV viewers (CTV in particular) but has also resulted in an increased interest in CTV advertising, making advertisers all over the world shift budgets from traditional TV to digital ones. Moreover, when it comes to CTV video advertising for publishers, the fun does not end here because the post-pandemic period is also a great time to monetize their applications. 

CTV Video Advertising in A Post-COVID-19 World: Why Publishers Should Care?

There’s no easy solution in this time of global abnormality, and the advertising industry is no exception. But things stand differently for CTV ads and there are lots of reasons why brands should be considering this relatively new medium as an exciting advertising channel.

Note down some important considerations:

  • There’s a continuing increase in AVOD viewing as it is drawing in new audiences on a continuous  basis. More viewers mean incremental reach and increased ad performance.
  • CTV ensures a quick boon of fresh content that linear TV competitors can’t easily match. The very opportunity of watching diverse, high-quality content on demand keeps CTV audiences hooked. As a result, ads shown to the motivated audiences can promote content owners’ best interests. For advertisers, this means that they can engage with motivated audiences, which are more likely to convert.
  • The appetite for CTV is growing and among brands, there’s a common tendency of switching from linear TV to CTV ads.

CTV Publishers and Advertising Partners

Today, as the appetite for CTV advertising keeps on increasing, more and more advertising solutions for publishers are growing out. But not everything is pretty straightforward here: if publishers choose to partner with an SSP to receive demand and monetize their ad inventory, it is most likely to take up to 30% of their income. Instead, publishers should pay attention to emerging business models, such as private marketplaces. 

CTV Publishers and A Private Marketplace 

Partnering with a transparent private marketplace, for instance, the one that can be accessed via TheViewPoint , can bring lots of benefits for both publishers and brands. Consider the most important ones:

  • Due to modern advertising technologies, you have more control over your ad inventory and the ads that appear in your CTV/OTT apps. Every publisher can choose brands/advertisers from the partner list or cooperate with the established partners. Meanwhile, for brands that means better transparency since they can analyze the ad spend.  
  • Advertisers can target users based on their geo (even a particular household!), gender, social status, and specific online behaviors. Providing brands with more ways to properly target their audiences, CTV space this what’s their appetite and fosters monetization opportunities for CTV/OTT publishers.
  • There is no middleman involved in a private marketplace. As a result, publishers won’t need to pay additional commissions to any 3rd parties.
  • For brands, TheViewPoint features some elegant new advertising formats that will help brands stand out and not get lost in a fiery world of competition. 

Final Thoughts

The levels of CTV usage is now higher than before the lockdown and it brings many great opportunities for CTV/OTT publishers to monetize their applications. Despite the fact that CTV advertisement platforms offer cutting-edge publishing tools, providing publishers with high-quality deals, it’s crucial to choose the right partner who will be on the publisher’s side (unlike SSPs who can charge up to 30% of the income a publisher normally gets).