In the technological age we live in, the quality of mobile communication seems to get better and the speeds seem to get faster. Although the rest of the world seems to be enjoying great mobile connection, you feel like you are stuck in the 2000s raising your phone to the heavens in the search for one measly bar. Unfortunately, you are not alone. Many people across the UK struggle with poor phone call quality, poor mobile internet connection, and dead zones in their office space and their homes. The mobile signal booster seems to be the answer, helping reduce this problem across the UK.

Why Do You Experience a Poor Phone Signal?

In the UK phone signal providers aim to give customers the best quality signal possible. However, many situations out of their control cause poor phone signal. Let’s look at some depending on where you live.

If you live in the countryside, there are two possible causes for poor phone signal. The first is that your home or office is too far away from the nearest signal tower.

The second are obstacles. Possibly the beautiful landscape, like hills or mountains, is blocking your signal. It could even be forests or densely wooded areas blocking the signal. Also, the building could play a significant factor. If your home walls are made of concrete, stone, steel, or filled with fiber insulation, these materials can block a quality signal from reaching the inside of your home.

If you live in a city in the UK, being too far from a signal tower should not be an issue. However, obstacles blocking your signal are still prevalent. But rather than mountains blocking your signal, it is more likely to be high buildings, blocking the mobile phone signal. Also, like the countryside, the construction material within the walls of your building can disrupt your mobile phone signal too.

Fortunately, there is a solution to tackle the problem of weak mobile signals, and we welcome it with open arms. The solution comes in the shape of a small little box and is known as a booster.

What Is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile signal booster is used in offices and homes across the UK to eliminate the problems of dropped calls and dead zones. It works by finding a weak signal and amplifying it, so you have a powerful signal where you need it most.

If your phone signal does not reach some of the bedrooms in your house or there is a poor signal on the upper levels of your home. You can install a booster in the area with a weak signal, and it is going to improve the signal in that specific area. You don’t need to stay in the same place as you are using an ancient corded landline. You can walk freely around your home and use your phone as ‘mobile’ phones are supposed to be used.

The same goes for an office block. If some of the spaces in the office have a poor signal, then it could be a good idea to install a booster in the affected areas. With boosters, you can be confident that everyone in your office has a powerful signal. This is essential, as we know having a strong mobile signal can make your company seem more professional to clients. Also, internally, your employees feel more satisfied and content at work.

How Does a Mobile Signal Booster Work?

In actuality, the booster is just one piece of a three-part system to strengthen your phone signal. The three parts of the system that are needed are the outside antenna, the booster, and the inside antenna.

The outdoor antenna is usually installed on the roof. It connects the booster and the signal tower together. Then it detects even the faintest of signals coming from the tower and sends it to the booster. It also sends out the already amplified signal from the phone to the tower.

The mobile signal booster is the special box that amplifies the signal. It strengthens both the signal coming from the tower and the signal coming from the phone. This ensures that the connections you receive and send are strong for the best quality communication.

The last part is the indoor antenna. The antenna is used to connect mobile phones to the booster. Numerous phones at once can connect to the booster, and it allows the phones to receive an amplified signal. It ensures that the signal sent out from the phones is strong as well.

Another great thing about booster kits is that they are easy to self-install. You can order a kit and install it yourself without needing to pay and wait for an engineer to come out and set it up for you.

The Benefits of a Mobile Signal Booster

If you install a mobile signal booster in your home or office, you will notice the changes immediately. You are sure to have:

  • High-Quality Phone Calls – You can make phone calls and be confident the call won’t fail. In addition, the quality of the call is high ensuring that you don’t miss a word.
  • A Strong Stable Internet Connection – When you install a mobile signal booster, it works almost like an internet modem. It strengthens the internet allowing people in the area of the booster to have a fast internet connection.

To Conclude

If dead zones and dropped calls play too big a role in your home life. Or perhaps a weak signal is making your business seem unprofessional, it is worth considering the installation of a mobile signal booster.

Ultimately, they can improve the quality of your phone signal and the signal for many others where a stronger connection is needed. It could be high time to do something about poor connections and that something is a mobile signal booster.