• 5 Mistakes Made While Installing the Underfloor Heating System

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    Worried about sudden temperature fluctuations? For someone experiencing any such major issue, it would directly relate to common mistakes committed while installing an underfloor heating system. 

    Usually, too high or too low-temperature change even after paying a hefty amount on the underfloor installing system can be caused by leaks. Cracked tiles are among the major side effects of improper installation. 

    According to a survey conducted by LESSO Floor Heating Pipes, “malfunctioning in the underfloor heating system is the majority of time caused by the carelessness of workers and failure to adopt proper solutions. Let’s have a brief look at the five most common mistakes made while installing an underfloor heating system.

    UFH Mistake no. 1: Lack of the Required Documentation

    One should keep in mind that lack of required documentation will only result in long-term disastrous effects. Before beginning the construction, a layout must be completed and cross-checked to avoid any unseen mistake that could arise in the future. Usually, in the case of an underfloor heating system, the layout and the shape of the heating pipe must directly connect to the amount of water flow in the pipes. In a nutshell by not having a layout and reliable documents only results in high maintenance costs but also spells havoc for future system failure.

    UFH Mistake no. 2: Fail to Notice the Conduit

     The sole aim of the conduit is it acts as a protective sleeve or shield against any damage to pipes. The damage can be caused at any stage of products life as pipes are susceptible to any damage when they rise from screed floor to up to manifold. Apart from protecting the pipes, the conduit also safeguards flooring by reducing heat buildup at one particular spot. It should be taken into account a little extra time spent on conduit would save oneself from post-installation breakouts. 

    UFH Mistake no. 3: Cracks Under High Pressure.

    A little piece of advice directly to the plumber would be, apart from using the plastic fitting, just make sure to run a proper pressure test. The hustle and bustle to finish the job on time usually result in skipping the trial run often. It should be noted that forgetting to perform pressure tests also results in leaving behind pipe expansion. The recommended pressure of 6 atm is advised to run a trail pressure check as on this pressure any kind of future cracks and dents can be easily found.

    UFH Mistake no. 4: Performing the Wrong Pressure Test

    Agree or not, it takes to be a highly knowledgeable plumber to be aware of all the details, even the minuscule ones, about performing the right pressure test. Thus with the shortage of skilled laborers all across, mistakes are quite frequent. One of the common mistakes committed by many is running a pressure test on air instead of water. The simple logic behind this is as air can be expanded under high pressure whilst water can’t. Also, any traces of air inside the pipes would never let pipes and the entire system perform as expected. 

    UFH mistake no. 5: Forgetting to Open the Valves on the Manifold During a Pressure Test

    At this point in time, one might ponder over, isn’t the pressure testing system a hell lot of tricky business than expected? Yes, it can be for someone unskilled. A skilled worker would get the job done even without your intervention. Even if one performs a pressure test with water, it is still possible to skip opening the values of the manifold. Each manifold has two isolation points and a decorator cap to protect the manifold. By not leaving the values of the manifold open and the isolation points, it only heats the manifold, not the water, and gives a false reading. Thus make sure to check for values next time you perform a pressure test.


    Installing underfloor heating is the one-stop solution for extreme winter crises. It not only provides some extra love, comfort, and convenience to you but soothes your extended family member, your pets. Not to mention but these results only comply when a well-designed underfloor heating system is laid. By adapting according to the problem and bypassing any upcoming problem will let you enjoy a warmer floor for many upcoming years. 

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