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Mistakes to Avoid When Running Facebook Ads in a Country Like Thailand

The digital world is making a progression that is beyond one’s imagination. Facebook has reached almost everyone’s home, and Thailand is not an exception to this.  But many people end up committing mistakes when it comes to running Facebook ads. So, do you want to know what those mistakes are? Here is the list of common mistakes that makes the Facebook ads unsuccessful or less effective. 

Absence of Goals

The primary reason why many beginners fail in Facebook ads is because of the lack of clear goals. Through Facebook ads, you can get new page likes, email opt-ins, increasing if engagements, lead generations, and website clicks. So, you need to decide what you want to achieve out of these things. Choosing the appropriate one and working on those lines is important for attaining success. 

Wrong Ad Formats

The usage of the wrong formats hurts most of the Facebook ads. This happens because either you are new to Facebook ads or you are not analyzing your ads. You must run your Facebook ads in the right format so the ads are served to the right group of people.  

Beating Around the Bush

The main intention of conducting Facebook ads is to attract new customers. Hence, do not shy to advertise your product and insert call-to-action buttons. It will help you get the audience to the landing page and collect vital information. 

Absence of Targeted Campaign

The audience you can get on Facebook is wide, and people from every age group and profession are there. But all these people cannot become the customer, and hence targeting of the audience is required. It will help you in inducing those people who could become your customer. 

Campaigning with a Single Ad

This is where many people fail as Facebook ads creators. One should create several ads with slight differences and analyze which one works best. Also, considering the good point or drawbacks of every ad will help develop the final ad with all required improvements. 

Usage of Too Much Text

One of the main reasons many ads fail to grab attention is too much text.  Whenever there are many texts, people tend to skip that ad and scroll down. Hence always use minimum texts with attractive pictures to create required attention. 

Unoptimized Ad Images and Less Impressive Images

Many people use unoptimized ad images, and it causes decreasing conversation rates.   You must use the correct sized images, and they should be placed carefully. The images’ selection is also important since if the images are eye-catchy, people click on that and create the traffic you are looking for.

Not Testing Your Ads.

Many individual ads creator make this mistake. You need to continuously test your images used in ads; check CTAs, go through titles of the ads, and also analyze the landing page performance for the best possible outcome. IBEX Media Group, one of the reputed Facebook Ads Marketing agencies in Thailandmakes sure that all the things mentioned above are done carefully when running Facebook ads campaigns for any of their clients. Check them out and have a look at what they are offering.

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