There are studies posted to show that 5% of millennials have put their trust in investing in bitcoins and it will be the best way to save money that they won’t be using sometime in the future. On the contrary, only 1% of generation x, will believe in crypto when planning for their retirement.

It is strange how real estate could not make first in the list, the first time in four years when the respondents picked their options. It is understandable that the younger generation might be skeptical towards the present financial order. But they are open towards the new emerging technologies that provide plenty of options.

The millennials experienced the effects of 2008’s financial crisis that turned out to be devastating. Therefore, they have a keen eye towards the alternatives when it comes to investing.

We know that the crypto forum is volatile for long-term investments, even then they choose to do business with these. Tokens have become a viable option, for being easy to store and carry out buying and selling for goods and services. Some say that crypto is the new gold, emphasizing on the fact that it will replace gold as an alternate asset that is safe and compatible.

The market needs an asset that can be used effectively against emergencies, this, however, was fulfilled by gold in the past. Now gold is losing its place to bitcoin. Gold is something that might not be hard to get, but definitely difficult to hold on to and there are storage issues. But on the other hand, you will be able to start investing in bitcoin without even having to leave your residence, and it can be easily stored in the blockchain that is safe and cannot be breached by hackers. This also includes  investment that person forgets about and exchanges it as a fiat currency right after devaluation.

What Changed?

More and more people have started to invest in bitcoins, especially millennials. The millennials who have just got a job or are still looking for jobs after graduation, or are continuing to study are all finding bitcoin to be one of the most productive things to invest in.

What are the benefits that they get-

1. Those who are still studying can invest in bitcoins and let the money roll in the system. Then they can take out this money that has multiplied to pay their student loans.

2. The ones who are looking for jobs are in need of money, for their parents retire on helping them financially, this is when the money they have saved can be invested in crypto or bitcoin while they look for a job and earn at the same time for purchasing essential items.

3. Those who have jobs, they have already started to understand the market, with having to pay their student loans and maintain a good lifestyle they need to do something extra. They invest in bitcoins so that their income gets multiplied and they don’t lose all their hard-earned money repaying their loans.

4. The millennials have started investing in bitcoins rapidly so that they can escape the financial drops that might affect the world economy. As crypto is not linked with the economy it is safer to invest in a market that is away from the central authorities.

5. The other benefits like this system being decentralized, secure, and private attract the youngsters to make their debut in investing with bitcoins. This means that bitcoins are not being issued by banks, rather generated through mining i.e. the coding process behind online assets. Plus, it is safe as the blockchain is encrypted through no hacker can pass. Another important aspect of bitcoins is that you can stay anonymous when you enter the blockchain.


Millennials are making investments in bitcoins, but due to their amateurish behavior, they lose often. They have to keep in mind that investing a lot will not always bring big returns. This market is prone to risks that have to be kept in mind on investment. If you are interested in investing, visit Q-profit software and start investing now. But keep in mind you do your research before investing.