The PowerApps is a way for Microsoft to provide non-developers with a simple yet efficient way to create business solution apps. The main goal of Microsoft PowerApps consulting services is to increase user productivity with the use of PowerApps

In today’s blog, we will be talking about the benefits of using this code development platform from a business point of view.

Major Benefits of Using Microsoft Powerapps

1. Speed 

Speed is one of the most important aspects in the modern world especially when we are talking business which is why it is one of the biggest perks of using this low code development platform as you can develop a functional app in almost no time. 

It removes many time-consuming elements from the general development process just like creating a user interface, making links from form fields to data and code, and so on, replacing them simply with drag and drop interface, which in turn makes developing an app way faster.

Using a drag and drop environment that has common tasks, features, and user interface elements ensures that you can prototype your application right in the interface. You can demonstrate the prototype for additions and improvements and once everyone is happy, you can simply use the drag and drop to hook up the data and actions into place with relative ease. 

2. Streamlined development

While most companies have tons of great professional developers, a team of developers, or consulting companies for creating a business app. The sad part is that no one is waiting around for something to come up so one has to wait for his or her turn. 

As there are tons of processes in the making of an app, which further leads to the fact that either most of the departments are making one manually, or they are still stuck on an old application.

This is where PowerApps come into play as it makes building quite easy because PowerApps begin far away from the scratch. You can think of it like this, it is more of a cooking station where you will still have to cook but you wouldn’t need to roam around to get the things needed to cook.

3. App creation is quite easy

Coding an app can be quite daunting for a non-programmer because of all the APIs, the libraries, and the functions. PowerApps can give you the edge in this as the majority of the coding on this code development platform is done by the use of drag and drop. 

All of the overheads are dealt with by PowerApps while they are making the app fit the environment. You do not have to worry about the pros and cons of different libraries, and functions when it comes to PowerApps as all of that gets taken care of behind the scenes.

4. Mobile ready

Accessing what you want to seems quite easy, provided that you have a computer or a laptop at your disposal. But when you are away or on the road, it may be a bit difficult for you to access the information that you were able to access so easily early on as cluttered interfaces that work wonders on a big screen might become worthless on an iPhone or an android. 

This code development platform makes it easy for the user to access it even when you are on the go as it has a phone form factor developing option. Due to the common connectors, it becomes quite easy to create a mobile-friendly version by using the same data access that is being used by the desktop version.

5. Integrated with office 365

This puts a rest to all your data storage worries. The code development platform is integrated with Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft Power BI which makes it quite easy for you to get your data in and out of any 365 apps on which your business depends.

6. Low cost

This is one of the major benefits of using PowerApps. The standard pack starts at a mere $10 that comes with two applications and a single portal. You can also access unlimited applications just for $40 a month. Having an office 365 license makes it even easier for you to add PowerApps to your armory. You can simply check it out yourself by contacting your admin.

7. Microsoft flow

The PowerApps come integrated with Microsoft flow. This makes it easier for the apps to update on their own without having to set an alert to run whenever there is an update by you. These subscriptions come with a different number of flows that can be run each month and can be increased if it is necessary.

These are some of the major benefits of having PowerApps for your business. 

For more info, you may contact the Microsoft help center or you can seek help from a professional.