In CNBC’s interview With Maria Bartiromo, Mati Kochavi, CEO and the founder of AGT International, and Bill Clinton, a former president of the USA, discussed the problem of cybersecurity.

After some extraordinary events related to technology that had taken place in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and Bahrain, the question of how governments can protect their countries and people arose. Mati Kochavi discussed how the understanding of what was happening and available information were complicated. No matter how much people knew because of the Internet, people were still powerless to predict some significant events. He stressed out how the governments around the world had to face those challenges and be able to predict such events no matter how complex they could be.

It is difficult, even nowadays, as time and space changed due to globalization and the Internet. There are fewer borders as well, as a result of the political arrangements which led to more services and more trade and things change rapidly, which require making decisions quickly because when one event happens it’s no longer local.

So it’s of the utmost importance, as Kochavi stated, to use the available information to be able to predict such events before they happen.

Mr. Kochavi then mentioned the cybersecurity of the time when Mr. Clinton was the president. In the ’90, during the presidency of Bill Clinton, there were only fifty websites. Mr. Clinton stated that despite the small number of sites, he still sent only two emails during his presidency because even back then, it was not secure to send confidential information via the Internet.