How the Manufacturing Industry Is Coping During the Pandemic?

Many manufacturing companies have turned to online marketing to help them through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Online applications are busy transforming the industry entirely as they find it easier to reach out to customers during the economy’s lockdown.

What Online Marketing did for Manufacturing During COVID-19?

No company is immune to the uncertainty that came with dealing with the effect that COVID-19 had on their profit margins. Responses to the pandemic are varied from:

    • Decreasing their production

    • Furloughing their workers

    • Increasing workers

    • Shifting or relocating production

Some of the manufacturers have responded by incorporating other and new ways of marketing their products.  Online marketing applications have been employed in this process. For Instance, Die Stamping manufacturers have realized the benefits of reaching customers through online marketing is much more cost-effective.

What is Die Stamping

This is a precision tool method that cuts and forms the desired shape out of a sheet of metal. The Die Cutting form is made out of hardened steel called “tool steel.” This is a cold-forming process where no heat is applied. The stamped parts exit the form hot because of the heat caused by friction and pressure. A Die can either form or cut, although there are dies that can operate both functions. 

The Three Common Forms of Stamping:

    • Line – a single operation process

    • Transfer  – completes several operations in a cycle

    • Progressive – most widely used

Dies range from microelectronics that fit the palm of your hand to those that are 10ft to 20ft square feet and are able to produce bodies for automobiles.  Dies are referred to by their force mechanism, for example:

    • Mechanical

    • Hydraulic

    • Servo

    • Pneumatic

Metals Used for Stamping

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are used in stamping where aluminum is the most popular not just for its strength but also for its resistance to corrosion. The two major considerations to look at when choosing metal are tensile strength and ductility. A variety of factors need to be considered when choosing a metal here are a few important ones:

    • Mechanical Characteristics

    • Proper Lubricant

    • Press Speed

    • Magnetic Properties 


Because some of these parts can barely be seen with the eye, they require extremely precise processing. Miniature parts are pressure formed by one stroke of the stamping press. Lead time is impaired due to the complex nature involved in manufacturing parts and products.

Metals used are:

    • Beryllium copper

    • Phosphor

    • Bronze

    • Brass

Finishing Operation

Post-production procedures may include:

    • Deburring – removing shards of cut material

    • Tapping

    • Reaming

    • Counterboring

Simulation Technology Used in Die-Stamping

Flaws and errors can occur in designs that can be minimized by using simulation software to calculate the steps in the process.  Auto simulation software allows designers to run a simulation process that reduces repetition and validates the process. Some of the flaws that may occur are:

    • Necking – over-stretching metal

    • Splits – too much stretching after necking

    • spring back – geometric change in parts

How Manufacturing Can Benefit from Online Marketing During the Pandemic

To stay relevant, manufacturers started transforming their business to produce critical care and high demand products. Using online marketing, some Die Stamp manufacturers that already supply major parts to the medical industry started focusing on broadening their customer base. 

Identify and Reach Target Audiences

Due to online applications and social media, it has become much easier to identify and reach local target markets.  Manufacturers can now easily reach new medical equipment producers that need micro stamping parts that are in high demand. 

Staying Connected

To keep in touch with customers has become much simpler. With push notifications, clients can be updated on the execution of their orders, and it is much easier for clients to place new orders. Clients can approve the simulation of a product via email or social media.

Simplified Payment Process

Many integrated payment gateways available to choose from projects can be paid directly via a web page and queries sorted out.

Simplify the Analytic Process for Marketing Strategies

Marketing online has transformed and broadened the customer base of manufacturing businesses. Manufacturers have information and tools where they can:

    • Build new marketing strategies. 

    • Grow their product lines 

    • Grow their business 

    • Grow their profit

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