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| Updated on October 7, 2023

People who have seen the Long Range Electric Bike from Himiway are certain that it’s the future of electric transportation in the world. It’s not easy to abandon your internal combustion engine car or motorcycle and switch to the e-bike, but when you make the decision, you will never go back. People have more than 70% of their transportation needs within 30 miles of their domicile. That means they don’t need any fossil fuel vehicles to serve their transportation back and forth to work, and it’s a splendid opportunity for Himiway e-bikes to thrive.

If you want the Best Riding Experience for you then you better have the e-bikes ready to use for your daily commutes. People can take advantage of the larger wheels that the Himiway e-bikes are equipped with to ensure better acceleration and higher top speeds. Let’s take a deep dive to check the reasons why experts have the Himiway e-bikes as a basic means of transportation both for urban and suburban commutes.

Long Range Depends on the Battery Cells

Himiway experts support that long-range mileage with e-bikes strongly depends on the battery cells types. These batteries should be of the latest Li-Ion technology to ensure that the charges remain inside the battery for a longer time and do not escape due to environmental temperature and humidity. On the other hand, it’s always better to know that your battery is more lightweight and cannot compromise your balance since it’s positioned at a central point beneath the rider’s seat. 

The long-range battery effect primarily depends on the rider’s size and weight. You may expect to have a higher mileage when you accelerate using your feet, and pedal effort and a lower mileage when you leave the electric motor to do the whole job for you.

Himiway E-bikes are Better Weight-Centered

Himiway e-bikes are indeed better weight-centered than the last electric bikes you have seen online. The batteries are placed beneath the seat to ensure that the weight center of the whole bike passes through the central axis of the rider’s weight. That is important to ensure you have the right velocity at all times, and you risk nothing concerning your balance and acceleration. People who have dealt with e-bikes before believe that Himiway has done perfect work optimizing both the riding position and the battery life that gives you an increased mileage no matter your riding conditions.  

Pedals Can Produce Electric Energy

Pedals are a crucial part of your e-bike. Himiway knows about that feature and has managed to offer the public the best pedals you have seen so far. These pedals are made from stainless steel and durable plastic to ensure their water resilience and give a better grip to the rider’s feet. In other words, you can expect to step on the pedals with your entire weight mass and have them move the wheels. At the same time, you can enjoy the rotation of a powerful magnetic rotor that creates electric charges in an epagogix way. That way, you can recharge the battery every time you step on the pedals and accelerate. It’s tremendous progress that has taken years to accomplish by Himiway mechanics and ensures you always have the necessary energy to assist your physical effort when going on a long trip that exceeds the 30 miles range.

Brakes Give You More Than Relentment

The great Himiway innovation in the latest e-bike model would be the system re-taking energy lost when you step on the brakes. That friction that usually turns into heat and gets lost in the environment becomes a useful part of the e-bike energy bike. A system takes the heat energy from the brakes and gets it directly to the battery. That action charges the battery to the point you can have more than 10 miles of free movement. That issue becomes more plausible when you go down the hill and need to step on the brakes. You gain energy from the wheel rotation and acceleration (without any physical effort) and gain even more energy when you step on the brakes to ensure you don’t have a top velocity that could compromise your health and integrity.

Metallic Skeleton Offers Better Aerodynamics

Finally, Himiway has managed to improve the e-bike aerodynamics simply by improving the metallic skeleton. The alloys used are more lightweight than before without losing any stiffness and durability compared to the old cast iron skeletons. Riders have the chance to ride their e-bikes without any concern about the external weather conditions since the metallic alloy skeleton (made from aluminum and nickel alloys) can never rust. 

Himiway as a global leader in the e-bikes market knows how to make bikes with better aerodynamics that help riders go for longer rides and increase their safety and satisfaction no matter how harsh their trip could be.

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