In our office or home, a file cabinet is the most important thing that we use almost every day for different purposes. Some essential documents like office files, papers, daily utilities are being kept in the file cabinet, thinking it to be the safest place to store them. And if your file cabinet has a commercial lock, it can be really advantageous.

Now think about an odd situation like if you lose the file cabinet key, what is going to happen? It will put you in tremendous pressure. Today we will talk about an exciting topic “how to lock a file cabinet with no lock?”

Now Let’s Discuss How To Lock A File Cabinet With No Lock?

This process is exciting as well as challenging. Some people will be frightened to see a file cabinet with no lock, but it is not without a lock..

  • In this case, you have to use modern technology. This process is costly and, sometimes, time-consuming. Use a sensor instead of an old lock. If someone touches it, then a big sound will come, and you can receive a call on your mobile phone. This could be an exciting idea to protect your file cabinet without locking.
  • Another idea is you can hide it in a two or three-layer box where no one cannot see the file cabinet in broad daylight or even at night.
  • You can place your file cabinet in front of your main desk. It can also add some security, but it is not recognized as an effective way of locking.
  • Different types of sensors can be used here like pressure sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors to create protection for your file cabinet. By using these sensors, you can easily manage your file cabinet without locking it in the usual way.
  • Painting could be an effective way here. It will help you to disguise a metal file cabinet from others. The cabinet and wall must have to be in the same color so that no one can even imagine that it is possible to have a cupboard here.
  • Wallpaper is another smart way to lock the file cabinet without using any traditional locking system. Place the wallpaper smartly and intelligently. If you are not an expert at it, watch some video tutorials on the internet.

Importance of Using A Filing Cabinet

There are thousands of positives of using a file cabinet. The most important part of using this device is it will make your daily life a lot smooth and flexible. File cabinets can hold a large amount of file in a short space which is amazing to see.

It will make things easy for employees. They can put them in different folders and use different cabinets. It will undoubtedly increase the productivity of your office, and you can access more files in a short time. If you talk about a big industrial company, it will be quite impossible to operate tasks without using a file cabinet.

Let Me Show You Its Importance in Detail. 

  • It will reduce the floor space, and you can store more necessary documents in a small cabinet.
  • It will help the employee to store their documents in several files and folders. So you can directly access your file from a subcategory. In a typical procedure, it is almost unthinkable.
  • It will minimize the risk of information leakage. Having a cabinet will increase the security.
  • You can use different types of locks in different cabinets based on their priority. As a result, it is very much possible to add extra protection for special folders.

Final Words

These are the effective ways to lock a file cabinet with no lock. I believe you guys will enjoy this tutorial. Have good luck!