Thousands of people lose their lives to car accidents, with millions of others sustaining serious injuries. You may need the help of a car accident lawyer to file for personal injuries, depending on the party at fault. Even if you choose not to pursue litigation, you may need to hire a lawyer to help you get repayment from your insurance company. In this post, we will cover car accident instances that warrant the counsel of an attorney. You can also click here now to familiarize yourself with available resources in case of such an accident.

When Should I Get a Lawyer?

Minor car accidents like backing into another car do not call for complex legal action. These cases usually involve little or no damage to the car, and no one gets injured. They can be quickly resolved by approaching your insurance company with or without a lawyer. However, you might want to get a lawyer if your car accident fits any of the following aspects.


Accidents occur from time to time, and if the damage is insignificant, you can resolve them quickly. That notwithstanding, it would be best to seek legal advice if there is contention over which party is at fault. An attorney performs thorough and independent investigations to ensure that you are not wrongfully held liable for the accident.

Severe Injuries

You are better off with legal counsel if you sustained severe injuries during a motor vehicle accident. An attorney can help you seek damages for medical expenses, emotional trauma, or loss of income. If your injuries turn out to have a permanent impact on your physical or mental state, an attorney can help you seek an adequate settlement.


Whether you have lost a loved one to a car accident or are the opposing motorist in the accident, you will need the guidance of a qualified attorney. A lawyer understands the full implications of your current situation and can help you navigate easily. What’s more? An attorney is not burdened by the emotional distress that comes with losing a loved one or being involved in an accident. As such, they can remain objective while representing your rights and interests.

Police Report

Does the police report relay information that you believe to be inaccurate? The opposing counsel, judge, and other parties to the case will certainly look through the report. As such, any inaccurate or false information therein could adversely affect your case. If the police report says that you caused the accident, we recommend hiring an attorney as soon as possible to help you defend yourself.

Other Attorneys

If your insurance company or the opposing party hires an attorney, it would be best to follow suit immediately. Your scanty legal knowledge is no match for the years of training and experience these attorneys have. Hiring a lawyer levels the playing field and ensures that the opposing attorney cannot intimidate you.

Insurance Problems

As you might have expected, your insurance company will not be too eager to repay you. In most cases, they try to offer clients lowball offers, especially if you don’t have legal representation. It would be best to talk to a lawyer if any of the following issues come up:

  • The car involved in an accident is not insured.
  • Your insurance company suggests that you failed to pay your premium
  • Low insurance limits

Construction Zone

Accidents that occur in construction zones often attract hefty fines and penalties. If you are looking at possible jail time or huge financial losses if you have to pay fines, you need an attorney. Whether you violated certain statutory laws or hit a worker, a lawyer can help you fight your case to reduce your sentence and hopefully secure you a favorable outcome.

Other Instances Where You Should Consider an Attorney

  • If you suspect your insurance company is not acting in good faith. It is essential to remember that the insurance adjuster represents the best interests of your insurance company, not your own.
  • You aren’t making any progress with your insurance settlement negotiations
  • You shouldn’t give your insurer a recorded or written statement if you don’t fully understand your insurance policy.
  • If you are uncertain about your rights
  • You should seek legal advice before signing a release or waiver if you are an accident victim.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident, it would be wise to hire an attorney. With every party looking out for their interests, you need someone to protect yours too.  A lawyer’s expertise and years of experience help them to represent you adequately and defend your rights.

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