It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd with a new blog being launched every second. However, a passion for writing, consistent posting of new content, attention to detail, and innovative features are all important to make your blog stand out. Every company must have a blog; also, to outperform others, you need to keep an eye on other popular blogs in your niche.

Bear in mind that it takes time and money to create a successful blog. So, ensure that you have a clear grasp on your finances before jumping in. That being said, it’s a lot cheaper to start a blog or an online business than it is to run a brick and mortar business. 

Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

Quick Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

Starting a blog is pretty simple. Starting a successful blog that has real value and generates traffic and revenue, isn’t so simple.

To help with this process, we’ve listed some of the most effective ways to create a blog that provides value and is something you can be proud of.

Choose a Unique Topic

It’s easier said than done to pick a unique topic from everyone else today in the blogosphere. However, as the world evolves, there are opportunities to launch blogs based on new trends, goods, or ideas. However, being first doesn’t ensure success, but it can definitely help. There are other factors required for building a successful blog.

Have a Unique Voice

While it may not always be possible to choose a unique subject, it may be better to cover the subject in a fashion that some do not. Finding a distinctive voice or style will set you apart from other blogs, whether by using comedy, blogging as a character, and blogging in the 3rd person, or some other way. The goal is to be innovative.


Having a unique blog design does not mean that you have to break the bank for a custom design. You can start with a default design or template and modify it with a distinctive logo, color, and theme. First perceptions of graphics can be the determining factor for whether people subscribe to your blog. Your unique design can make you stand out from the crowd.

Relevant Content

Perhaps the only way to stand out from the crowd and leave an impact on people is to create information that influences them somehow. Write something that benefits people, that fixes an issue, that changes people’s lives, and you dramatically raise the likelihood that they will come back and bring a friend with them.

Be Prolific

When people keep bumping into you, it can make a real impression. Predict where your potential followers will be heading online and position yourself there. 

It could be social networking platforms, it could be another blog’s comments section, or it could be a website on your topic, whatever it is, ensure that you have an active presence online. When people see you in the places where they hang out, they will finally notice you and want to hear more about you.

Love Your Readers

When followers are scarce, loving the ones you have is important. The truth is that the handful of readers you have are a valuable weapon. Therefore, concentrate on them instead of the thousands of readers you don’t have. 

Love them, thank them for their feedback, include them in your writing, promote them and the sites they have, and you will create confidence, trust, and relationships that will pay off one day. Every reader you have has a network of its own which will open up new markets for you.

Be Original

Nothing is drier than a blog that has a lot of the same content as every other blog you’ve read that day. Don’t just rehash news and write about it the same way as others do. Dare to be different, play the devil’s advocate, search for new angles in stories, translate the news to your audience and help them find out how it affects them, etc.

Express an Opinion

It appears that individuals who share views receive more coverage than those who merely publish news. Tell people what you think, and you are bound to have a dialogue with those who agree and those who do not agree with you. Either way, people will notice you and will want to know more about you.

Get Visual

When you incorporate a visual aspect to your blog, you can attract more visually inclined people, whether using eye-catching photographs, graphs, charts, or even photos. Photos draw the eye, highlight points and introduce new dimensions to what is already a text-based platform.

Longevity Counts

Some blog followers are searching for someone to fly with and might be a little wary of new blogs and wonder how long they will last. Blog regularly for the long term and build a reputation, morale, and profile.

Build Momentum

One error made by many bloggers is that there is an impression that the blog doesn’t ever go somewhere. When I’m in the middle of a series or writing content that expands on what I’ve written before, I find that readers respond well. This momentum on a blog generates a feeling of anticipation, which in turn increases subscription numbers.

Drive People to Your Archives

The problem with most bloggers is that they often hide their best content. The only content that gets the attention is the new content, whether it is good or not. Blogs that seek ways to showcase what’s best in their archives and not only what’s new are most likely going to convince readers to stick around longer.

Final Thoughts Before Creating Your New Blog

With the growing number of blogs across all niches today, helping your blog stand out in a competitive niche is important. Applying only one of the tips above may not make your blog stand out from the crowd, but the trick is to focus on more than one, so they make a huge difference together. Taking some time to study your niche, target demographic, and competition is the perfect start to launching a successful blog that stands out.