According to the premises liability laws, your landlord should provide a safe environment for you and your visitors. Despite this, some landlords neglect this duty. This may then result in a slip and fall accident because of damages that were present. Here is the primary evidence you need to hold your landlord liable for your slip and fall injuries.


It helps to keep any record showing that you contacted the landlord to notify them about any damages to your building. These include phone records, emails, or any other communication forms you had with the landlord regarding the damages. It would be best if you kept a diary with dates and all the relevant details, including the person you talked with every time you called.

It is advisable to keep even minor details such as the response of the person who receives the notices. Such information confirms that the landlord had a chance to do repairs but chose to ignore your pleas. The records also prove that your slip and fall accident in the apartment complex could have been avoided if the liable people had taken their responsibilities seriously.

Statements from Witnesses

Witnesses are also an ideal form of evidence, especially if they are not your relatives. In such cases, the most helpful witnesses are your neighbors, who have been getting in and out of the building regularly. You can also work with people who periodically deliver supplies to the building.

Most neighbors will cooperate in such cases because the damages also affect them. You only need to talk with a few neighbors who would also like to see the damages repaired. Such neighbors are very helpful, especially if they have also tried to bring the landlord’s attention to the building’s damages.

Pictures and Videos

You can also use pictures and videos as reliable evidence in case you file a lawsuit against your landlord after slipping and falling. You can use your phone to take pictures and videos. The photos and videos need to have dates available to prove that the damages have existed for a certain period. It is advisable to take pictures of any damage you notice on the building immediately after notifying the landlord. If you had no pictures before your accident, you could take the photos immediately after the accident. This will give you solid proof that is verifiable in court or during negotiations for compensation.

Medical Records

The medical report you get from a doctor after slipping and falling in your building can also act as evidence. This report is more credible if it comes from a licensed doctor. Everyone involved in the case will see the extent of your injuries, and as a result, your compensation will be fair.

Collecting this evidence needs to follow the stipulated legal procedures, and this may require that you work with a competent lawyer. By getting an excellent lawyer, you will reduce the chances of making mistakes that can weaken your case.