Counterstrike Global Offensive has been recorded as one of the most favorite games that are prevalent among the netizens. You will see young lads sitting together and playing the game often. This game has changed the concept of online gaming comprehensively. It is not only a top-rated game, but there are professional competitions organized by several gaming companies on this game. They have also arranged for online trade of the CS: GO skins for which you can earn real money out of them. Thus you need to have so much knowledge about the CS: GO weapons, which will help you in playing the game properly.

What is CS: GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game where the first person shoots the enemy. You can play this online game with your friends by making a group together. The developers of the game are Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. There are some previous versions of this game, but this fourth-generation version of Counter-Strike is one of the most popular among all the other versions. This game is compatible to run on various platforms like Xbox 360, OS X, and Windows, and so on.

In this game, there are two teams. One team is of the terrorists who will plan to destroy the city, and the other side has the task to save the city from those destructive activities. Thus you need to perform your task as per your team’s goal. Suppose you are a member of the anti-terrorist squad. In that case, you have to defuse the bombs, defend the hostages from the terrorists, and find out the explosives that the terrorists have planted throughout the city in different places.

What Types of Weapons are There in this Game?

Since CS: GO is a war game, you need to have different weapons to fight your enemies. This is why the developers have given you 34 types of weapons here. Among these 34 weapons, 19 of them are exclusive for this game. You can gather these weapons and use them to fight with your enemies here. The eco0nomy of this game has been modified a little and have made few weapons available for you without money. Like the previous versions of this game, you don’t need to buy them now.

  • Knives
  • Knives are the essential weapons in every game of war. You can use a knife as a last resort or where you can’t use the gun. When you start playing the games, you get the knives automatically. It works on a very short range and doesn’t make much sound when you use it. You can make fast but low damage with the primary attack with the knife, which results in a severe, moderate damage secondary attack at the end of the war. There are different types of knives in the game, and you can use them as per your need. The most expensive knife in CSGO like a bayonet, butterfly knives, classic, falchion, flip, gut, karambit, and so many other types help you to play the game properly. You can attack an enemy with the knife silently and kill him without making any sound so that the other people get informed. In the arms race mode, you can use a Gold knife to give you more accuracy to kill your enemies.

  • Tactics to Use the Knives
  • Since the knives are lightweight weapons, you can use them while you are running with high speed. When you need to kill your enemy silently, you can easily use the knives. But if you are using knives to kill the enemies, you need to be highly skilled and lucky enough to stay protected from the probable shots from your enemy. We have discussed earlier in this article that the knives have a shorter range of secondary attacks so you can hit your opponent with the knife in short or midrange. You can take out the knife in minutes as quicker than your opponent reloads his weapon. You will have to use the primary fire twice and then the secondary fire once if you want to kill a healthy opponent while you can’t backstab him.

Fire Arms of CS: GO

Firearms signify those weapons which you can use to attack your enemy with fire. With these weapons, you can kill your enemies from a distant range. Every firearm has a specific range where it can kill the target. So in the counter strike global offensive, you will get different types of firearms like pistols, rifles, SMGs, and so on. 

To start with the pistols, you can use the Glock-18 and Tec-9, capable of giving you a solid start. Both these weapons are useful in close combat, and Tec-9 becomes the best between these two. Tec-9 has a good range, and it can fire the bullets at a higher speed also. It also has a stronger armor penetration capacity than that of the Glock-18.

For the counter-terrorists, you can always start with the USP-S shine. It has tremendous accuracy at long range and a good damaging capacity. If you want to kill your enemies from a long distance, keep the USP-S and purchase a Kevlar so that you can easily protect yourself from the potential damage due to your enemy’s attack. As you are playing for the counter-terrorist squad, you need to know these things better than any other player.

  • Rifles
  • With an excellent hitting capacity to the targets, rifles are the most awaited weapons for the CS: GO players. You can use the rifles for a deadly shot to your opponent. FAMAS, AK-47, M4A4 are some of the deadliest weapons that are available to fight with the opponents. Other than these weapons, there are sniper rifles that you can use while you want to kill your enemy without letting him know about your presence.

  • Grenades
  • While more than one enemy is coming to you, you can throw a grenade to destroy them all at a time. FlashBang, Decoy, Molotov are some of the most useful grenades.

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