Great news for all the Jewish community! So far nowhere was a store which holds everything that one can give to their loved one in the coming new year. Well! Now, the Jewish Gift Gallery takes care of the Jewish traditions. By keeping all the rules and rituals, it has launched ancient traditional items by giving modern looks to them. From Netilat Yadayim cups to Shofars, the store has everything that you need. In short, we can say that this store spreads love by following Jewish rituals. Have a look at some of the great options that one can find here to gift their loved ones on special occasions.

  • Jewellery:
  • Jewish people used to put on jewellery throughout history to let people know about their class and standard to which they are belonging. Rings are one of the more traditional jewellery of the Jewish community as all the people wore rings of various metals as per their budget and class. Hoshen, Star of David, Bat Mitzvah are also a part of ancient Jewish jewellery traditions. In the Jewish gift gallery, one will find all the traditional jewellery with a modern touch. All the price ranges and various metals including gold, silver, bronze, and iron are the specialties of this store. Get the desired one to gift your partner and family members. 

  • Garments and Accessories:
  • Outfits provide an impressive touch to our personality. Everyone desires to look great, whether while wandering in the streets or attending a function. On every weekday prayer, Jewish people follow the tradition of wearing four corner garments known as Tallit. The Jewish Gift store has a wide range of fancy Tallits, and all of the designs are according to Jewish rituals. Not only the tallits, other accessories like tallit bags, clips etc are also available at the store. Apart from this, daily wear items are also available in a wide variety. Get the best modern and traditional outfits to present someone or for yourself according to your budget.

  • Table Accessories:
  • Choosing the best Kitchen accessories or table accessories is also important; hence, are also a particular category of the store. Washing cups, kiddush cups, fancy spoons, and many others are available in the store. Well frankly, the store is not for the cooking accessories, but if you want some unique items to give an attractive look to your dining table, this store is for you. Gifting antique household pieces to our loved ones is in trend, and the Jewish gift gallery has everything to maintain this trend.

  • Instruments:
  • Instrument category belongs to music lovers. Jewish people have a tradition to blow Shofars on special occasions to connect with their god and faith. One can get all sized Shofars to produce different sounds. Stand and bags for your brand, new and costly Shofars are also available at the store. Shofars are not only the single item in the instrument category, as you can get various types of the instrument at the Jewish gift store. 

  • Books and Symbol:
  • We mentioned earlier that the store has everything and the “books and symbols” category is the proof. “Hamsa” is a traditional symbol that each Jewish person used to hang on their homes and office walls. In this store “Hamsa” is available in the “books and symbol” category. In the ancient times of Jewish culture, the cantor used to pray loudly, and the audience answered “Amen”. It is because they didn’t know the wording. But now “Siddurim” allows Jewish people to read the wordings during prayer and the best thing is that this book is available at Judaica stores.


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