Are you an influencer and looking for ways to get a better reach or growth? Well, the answer to that, is something that you already know. Yes, YouTube Networks it is. 

Read this blog till the end if you want to see some of the major ups and downs of networks before you move forward and partner with a YouTube network without looking at the bright and the downside of it all.

Pros of Joining a YouTube Network

  • Management- networks like these can offer creators good assistance on growth, management, programming, and the monetization of their channel.
  • Facilities- most of the larger networks often have access to (or own) production spaces that the YouTubers can use for shooting and editing their content.
  • Partnerships- YouTube Partner network can make it possible for small content creators to work with a large influencer which may be highly beneficial for the small creator as these networks do this as an effort to shift a ratio of audience from one channel to another which is how these collaboration opportunities eventually become possible.
  • Brand access- there are tons of businesses that have great relationships 0with networks and are constantly on the hunt to sponsor good video content on YouTube. For creators, this comes off as a golden opportunity especially if you are linked with a network as that means more visibility and brand partnership opportunities than they will ever get by working as an independent artist. Influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms are some of the companies that can help connect YouTubers to brands who are on the hunt to sponsor YouTube content.
  • YouTube support- one of the many perks of having a network behind you is that you will not have to worry about false copyright strikes and tons of other major content issues as the network will always protect you from these things as the platform of YouTube has pre-existing relationships with some of the certified businesses and providers. Although YouTube does not endorse these networks, it rather offers a list of some certified providers.

These are some of the major pros that can help you with your overall growth if you are a YouTuber on his or her way to fame and money. But these networks are not flawless either, which is why the next segment of this blog will focus on the important things that prove that as an influencer on YouTube, you should not connect with a network.

Why Should You Avoid Joining a Youtube Network?

  • Controversies- the shifting agendas of firms that include focusing way too much on their production, paying creators unfairly, and treating creators poorly make it hard for most of the creators to bear with an agency like that. Some of the YouTubers have also gone to the extent where they have given reviews that were not very flattering about their time with network agencies.
  • Monetization- a fair share of pay from the YouTubers revenue goes to the network as payment for the services that are offered by the network but at times, the services rendered by the network are not worth the significant pay cut that the creators have to bear to pay for all of the services.
  • Contracts- in case you are a creator, always make sure to read the terms of the agreement and seek legal advice if you can at that time. It is often seen that many creators have left networks over contract disputes as the contract seemed unfair to them.
  • Broken promises- it is quite common that networks lure creators in with the false promises of getting them brand deals. The sad part about this is that all of this brand deal scenario simply depends on the relationship that the network has with the brand, the kind of YouTubers that the brand wants to work with, and other similar factors. Many incidents have happened where the creators have complained about never getting the brand deals that they were promised. 
  • Signing too many creators- since most of the networks are made to obtain a profit on a huge scale, these networks try to sign as many potential creators as they can on their network that show promising growth. This can seem like a great thing for the network but is a bad sign for the creator as every creator does not get the same attention that is needed. 
  • Poor communication- most of the networks thrive on the promise that they offer help and support to their creators whenever they need it. But it is often seen that most of the creators quit due to the difficulties that they face in getting in touch with their network.

These are some of the important factors that you should consider before you visit a network and sign with them. 

Networks can be great for your growth, provided that you choose the right one.