Coding languages have been playing a major part ever since their inception. Web designing, ethical coding, and many other aspects of business revolve around these languages. One of the most popular languages that are used by almost every developer is JavaScript. 

JavaScript has tons of full-stack languages which makes it easier for companies who work on high-load web applications to develop the best app as per the demands of the client. Such a company that uses JavaScript for the majority of its work is also known as a JavaScript development company. 

For those of you who are wondering as to why should a client choose JavaScript over any other major language, you have come to the right place as today we will be talking about the pros and cons of this language that make it a class apart from other languages. 

The Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Javascript

Advantages of Using JavaScript

  1. Speed- one of the major perks of using JavaScript is that it is quite fast, mainly because it is often run instantly within the client’s browser. As long as it does not require outside resources, the JavaScript is not affected by the calls to a backend server and remains at the same speed as it was before. Most of the major web browsers support just in time (JIT) compilation which makes it even easier, as there is no need to compile the code before you run it.
  2. The simplicity of JavaScript- the syntax of this amazing script was developed by Java’s which makes it a lot easier to learn when compared to other popular languages like C++
  3. Interoperability- in contrast to other scripting languages like PHP, you can insert JavaScript into any web page. You can even use it in many kinds of different applications because of the support in other major languages like PHP and Pearl.
  4. Popularity- it is no surprise that JavaScript can be found all over the internet. A full-stack language like Node.js also helps as it is used in every backend project. There are tons of great resources for you to learn JavaScript from. The GitHub and StackOverflow indicate that there is a severe rise in the number of projects that use JavaScript and judging by the popularity it is gaining, it would not be a surprise if the numbers keep going up.
  5. Server load- it also reduces the demand on the servers overall as it is client-side which leads to the fact that the simpler applications may not even need a server at all.
  6. Rich interfaces- you can create several features like drag and drop along with brilliant components like sliders which comes off as an advantage to the script as all of these can help to enhance the user interface along with the overall experience of a site.
  7. Extended functionality- one of the major highlights is that the developers can even extend the functionality of web pages for third-party add-ons like grease monkey by writing snippets of JavaScript.
  8. Versatility- there are more than a couple of ways in which you can use JavaScript with the help of Node.js servers. For example, if you bootstrap Node.js with Express and then use a document database like MongoDB and then use JavaScript on the frontend for clients, which further concludes the fact it is possible to develop an application from front to back only with the use of JavaScript.
  9. Updates for Java– ever since the arrival of ECMAScript5 which is the scripting specification that Java relies on, the ECMA international has been in charge of dedicating updates for JavaScript on an annual basis. In recent years, the browser support for ES6 was made available in 2017, which also makes sure that the ES7 might be supported shortly.

These are some of the major advantages that JavaScript holds as a language when compared to other developer languages. But this doesn’t make it flawless which is why we will now be taking a look at the disadvantages of this language.

Disadvantages of Using JavaScript

  1. Client-side security- as we all know that JavaScript code is executed on the client-side, it makes it easy to exploit bugs and oversights for malicious purposes. This further leads to some people disabling the script entirely. 
  2. Browser support- one thing that is quite common in server-side scripts is that they always produce the same output but different web browsers interpret JavaScript codes differently at times. Although the differences are quite minimal, they still become a concern which is why you should test your script in all of the major web browsers.

These are a couple of downsides of JavaScript which can cause trouble for the users.

For more info, you can seek the help of a professional or you can visit the help center of JavaScript.

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