We live in an era of digital currency where more and more people are getting attracted to it. Bitcoin had witnessed a good surge in the past few months, especially amidst the Covid times when the lockdown was announced last year, and the entire 2020 has remained affected till the day, yet the kind of inflation witnessed has been incredible. With the current price reaching 65K USD per bitcoin, we have seen a sudden rise of 149 percent of the growth in the larger picture. While the previous Wednesday, we have seen Bitcoin coming on the top at the rate of 18K USD in a big way for the past three years. However, if you look at the JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon seen talking about Bitcoin to the leading newspaper in NY saying that he may not find Bitcoin to be his taste, but his customers do find it worthwhile that makes him consider it. 

He went on to say that the government is going to regulate it more wildly than ever. This may sound a bit effective, but when we talk harshly, it may not sound the best. Earlier in 2017, we had Dimon talking about Bitcoin to be a negative thing and not less than a bubble; however, he seemed to be predicting it may go to work in the coming times. He went on to say that the financial institution, along with the businessman, will be sooner or later going to deal with the digital currency. He said he wanted to fire the coin for two big reasons – first, it is against all the rules, while they are naive, and both are seen as lethal. Now, just after three years, we see the company back in the business with tables turned and opening up in the market. If you want to know bitcoin information you can read more from here.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the company, is among the top billionaires and has remained a bit skeptical; however, with the change in the game, He said he might not be supporting bitcoin personally, but when it comes to his customers at JPM, then he has no problem. In fact, he and his company has been promoting it, and they intend to continue investing in this domain, particularly in Bitcoin, as he and his company feel that it remains the most popular digital currency in the world. He says that it remains very much fascinating for his customers that makes him consider the same.  While talking about the same to a leading magazine in New York, the CEO said that many of the clients are now looking for different ways to store the digital currencies in a more secure way than the banks that would be holding the crypto holdings along with the assets that are seen coming along with the traditional ones that are involved in getting these assets on time. 

One of the key factors which he raised regarding the digital currency in the recent interview was that the way his clients are now looking ahead to invest in BTC. More and more clients of JMP are willing to secure their digital currency assets in a secured way with the bank along with tracking their holdings in digital money apart from other liquid. In other words, he claimed that modern-day consumers, particularly the ones in JPM, want to maintain both the digital and conventional assets in the current context. The previous month we have witnessed CoinDesk coming up with the announcement claiming that JPM is allowing certain of its clients for entering into BTC funds before the summer literally starts, which is their first experiment in the bank.

Furthermore, we have seen Dimon adding up the fact that JPM is now relying on the technology called Blockchain, which talks about Bitcoin along with several other digital coins and the contrasted bitcoin along with the digital currencies. They have been dealing with the central bank in the US that deals with Cryptocurrency. The company is now planning to come along with the digital currencies that remain 100 percent backed by the government agencies when they plan to decentralize their system for the consumers. Well, let’s see how things move ahead, but at the moment, the picture seems too rosy for the BTC enthusiasts.