Is Zorb Ball Dangerous to Be Inside

| Updated on October 30, 2023

A Zorb ball is definitely a fun thing to be inside. When you want to roll on the ground and run like crazy, it’s a Zorb ball that comes to the rescue, right? So why do we all have second thoughts about its being dangerous? Well, this article is exactly about that!

Since there are multiple types is a Zorb ball and each offers a specific fun approach to roll onto the grounds. The moment you run on a slightly inclined ground or hill the safety becomes vulnerable. Although you have picked up the durable high-quality Zorb ball, still, knowing or unknowingly you do things that are strictly not right when you are in a human hamster ball. But let’s just know what a Zorb ball is made with?

Zorb Ball Design and Material

As you see, this transparent ball is pretty flexible to bounce and roll. The PVC, plastic, and other material is issued in its manufacturing and the inlet is there to keep you inside.

You definitely have heard about a human hamster ball as being the most fun and adventurous sports activity. However, the US government is still making people alert for being zorbing due to suffocation and drowning incidents that are a risk for those who are anticipating this sport.

Apart from material the design of a zorbing ball is designed with the two dedicated balls. One filled with enough air is where you get the bouncy and resilience for rolling. The inner ball is there to keep you from shock and absorption when you bump with other players. Thankfully, the Zorb ball is made with non-harmful and friendly material which is not harmful to the riders!

Why Can a Zorb Ball Be Dangerous?

It can be dangerous due to puncture and issue as well as suffocation. As per the recommended guidelines, there is enough oxygen for 30 minutes and you can breathe till then. But still, you should be there for 7 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, if you are suffering from Asthma or any other health condition, Zorbing can be no less than a risk for you. And for the maximum time, 15 minutes of time is the limit that you should not exceed.

Don’ts of Zorbing for Safety

Zorbing is a fun sport until you know the safety standards and guidelines. For instance, the ball should be durable, you shouldn’t be in there for too long, and of course, you should be in sound health to roll, jump and walk in a Zorb ball. However, there is still more you should be aware of. For instance

  • Never wear any jewelry while inside the Zorb ball. Removing jewelry, watches, ornaments, and accessories is the one first thing that is recommended to the rides
  • Do not keep anything in your pockets. Take your cell phone, pen, and other sharp  objects outside to keep off the chances of puncture
  • Do not get inside the Zorb ball if the ball is not inflated with enough air. Otherwise, the ball can get puncture which is a sure sign of getting a serious injury
  • Never choose an unsteady or rough ground for zorbing. The proudly, sharp, and another object should not be on the zorbing path

Do’s of Zorbing

  •  Keep the harness and fastenings snuggled and tight enough to hold you in position.
  • If you are motion sick, proceed with a caution
  • Make sure when you Zorb around, there is someone there for your help, in case of an emergency injury

Why Wet Zorbing is More Dangerous?

Since the water zorbing has so much water around the chances of oxygen get way less than that of dry zorbing. The suffocation becomes more apparent in water zorbing.  The air for breathing is merely sufficient for about five minutes which is pretty less when you are already indulging in an energetic sport like zorbing. In a word, wet zorbing has more air risks which can ultimately be the reason for suffocation or difficulty in proper breathing. 

How to Zorb Around?

Zorbing seems like nothing but rolling, right? Well, it also has its proper way to it. For instance, you should go to parks that have well-built tracks for them and the area should be nicely covered with grass. Remember, there should not be any bumps, even the slightest because when you move with force it can be dangerous. Also, safety nets and special fences are a must-thing to have for not going on beyond the tracks.

And one of the most important things many people tend to overlook is the ascending earth mount at the boundary so that you can decrease the speed and slow the Zorb ball down. Never forget, if there is no zorbing track, there is no zorbing.



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