EV Charger Installation

You may know that the demand for EV (electric vehicle) charging points is rapidly outstripping the supply. This is because more and more car drivers are making the switch to modern electric cars and vehicles. Whether you are looking to get an electric vehicle for the first time or already have one, home charging is certainly a crucial factor to consider.

Just like their owners, electric vehicles get most of their energy at nighttime. Note that this is simply because most EV owners in the country use convenient home charging points to power up their electric vehicles while they sleep. In addition to being convenient, home-based overnight charging is also, in many cases, the best and cheapest time to recharge. 

Can You Install an EV Charging Point Yourself?

Unless you are a seasoned electrician or DIY wizard, we know that the idea of installing an EV charger on your own can be daunting. You may have many questions, such as: 

  • Where do you start, especially if you have bought an EV charger for the first time?
  • Can you install it on your own?
  • How much does it all cost?

This is why it is best to hire an electrician in Vancouver for this job. These professionals are highly experienced and trained electricians. Also, note that part of their job is to know and understand the world of modern electric cars and home charging. This enables them to help with some common queries and concerns during installation.

Always hire a certified and experienced electrician in Vancouver. This may prove to be a bit more expensive in the short-term. However, keep in mind that it is crucial to make sure that your EV charger is safely and correctly installed. It will also ensure that you comply with all relevant regulations. Did you know that some EV charging points may lose their warranty if you don’t have them installed by a certified electrician? And you do not want to risk that. 

Where You can Install an EV Charger

It is worth noting that engineers have to closely follow a couple of electric vehicle charging point installation rules and regulations. This may affect where you can install the EV charger in your home. In most cases, before installing your EV charger, professionals will look at a few photographs of where you would like to put it.

Keep in mind that they will usually look for ‘sim touches.’ These are metal objects connected to the electricity supply in your home. Any sim touch must be 2.5 meters (at least) away from the EV charger. For instance, if you’ve lights in a metallic case, they will request you to replace the metallic case with a plastic one. 

Important Considerations when Choosing Installation Services for the EV Charger

Safety is a Top Priority

No doubt installing an electric vehicle charger safely requires specialized knowledge of your home’s electrical system as well as the EV charger itself. And without this expertise and experience, the installation process may go wrong, compromising the performance and safety of your EV charger. This is why working with an electrician in Vancouver makes a lot of sense.

Remember that your EV charger requires a high amount of electricity. So, if you don’t have it installed professionally, you and anyone nearby (your friends, family, or neighbors) stand the risk of being dangerously exposed to the electricity. This is why to minimize the risks of electric shock or fire, you should choose a specialized and experienced EV charging station installer.

Know the EV Charger Installation Costs

If you own an electric car, investing in a reliable and experienced installer is definitely worth the money. Note that it is a good investment in terms of safety and regulatory compliance that will benefit not only you and your electric car but also your home.

In most cases, the minimum cost for a professional installation by a competent and experienced electrician in Vancouver starts at around $400. However, keep in mind that the exact price will depend on many factors, such as your location and the particular technical and practical requirements of your home.

Here is one example. The total distance between the fuse box in your home and your driveway or parking spot will impact the cost of the electric cable and, hence, the total installation costs of the project. 

You should know that each of the EV charger installation variables, like specific cabling requirements, may result in higher labor fees since your installer will have to adapt to all the specifications of your home.

How Long does it Take to Install an EV Charger?

You will be happy to know that it usually takes about 2 to 3 hours on average. However, more complicated EV charger installations may take a little longer. If there is any major hiccup, you can reschedule your installation for any day that is convenient for you. If you would like to avoid any unforeseen surprises on the installation day, you should share as much information as possible with your installer ahead of time.

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