Ingredients for Creating Awesome Explainer Video that Converts

Tyrion Lannister – character in Game of Thrones – said, “Nothing is more powerful in this world than a good story.”

If Tyrion Lannister were in the marketer today, he would have sold strong video stories. He knows that video is on the throne when it comes to content marketing in 2021 and beyond!

Nothing goes as well as explainer videos when demonstrating the importance of your product or service in a matter of minutes. Following the viewing of an explainer video, a potential buyer should learn how the product understands and explains the essentials to all.

An explainer video is essentially a film-formed elevator pitch. It explains who you are, what you actually do, and why. It also persuades the audience to act. Clearly, it is not an easy task to create an explainer video.

The good news is that the best explainer videos contain all the same essential elements. So continue to read about what ingredients make an irresistible explainer video.

A Strong Script.

Now is the time to say your story. Even if you’re a good writer, a marketing firm like Spiel also helps to break through the script. External authors aren’t stuck in all the complexities you struggle with each day. Instead, they will crystallize your crucial argument and make it loud and clear to target audiences. You may also keep your language brief. (Many video ideas quickly become three or four-minute stories without any copywriting discipline.)

How long is it? HubSpot says 30-90 seconds is the excellent explainer video duration, but everything is still easily digestible in less than two minutes. Total voice-over average of 150 spoken words per minute. So it’s probably too long when the script is longer than a page.

Remember, longer scripts need more animation to explain the additional terms, so your project cost is affected by the script duration.

Should Have an Engaged Lead Character.

Although your product or service should be the star of your video, your narrator or lead character might be the way to engage audiences with you. As your product’s face or voice, they must be friendly and someone your audience can talk to.

This is especially the case if your product or service is dry or hard to describe. When Adam McKay directed The Big Short, he faced a similar problem due to the complexity of his topic, the causes of the financial crisis in 2008. How he handled it gives producers a straightforward lesson in explainer videos. He was able to crack the fourth wall and use Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, and popular Anthony Bourdain (among other things) to describe different mysterious financial conditions.

Slick Video Production.

You have a flop on the hands of your explainer video or live-action video that looks like it was made in the 1700s (unless that was a deliberate, artistic decision!). The average person watches a substantial amount of video every day, and much of it depends on the quality of the video. Therefore, if you want to break through the turmoil and influence with your explainer video, you need to make sure it can compete with the rest. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever use DIY quality standards because hand-held videos shot on cell phones often create excellent results. However, everything depends on the intent of your video. If you want slick production values to work with experienced CEO styles or skilled managers, be sure to hire a video production company.

Friendly Voice-Over and Additional Music.

If you make an animated explainer video, you probably will need a voice-over and music. But just like a live rugby game on TV would be ruined if the commentary unexpectedly canceled out, a poor voice-over or strange music video would not work. Invest in a talented voice-over artist to achieve the best performance. If your CEO wants to show his video, but he doesn’t have the sound or appearance, please kindly suggest you take a professional path – because a mechanic won’t ask you to cut your hair, right?

Calls for Action, Distribution, And Analytics.

Do not forget that your explainer video is only one stop on the customer journey, and its worth should be determined by the efficiency of its pushing the viewer to the next point. Name the video clearly so that the audience moves down the buying funnel.

Your work is not done until your video is online. A variety of analytics can be used to calculate the efficiency of your video. There are all kinds of monitoring options, depending upon where you host the video, which will tell you how many views are given, where people pause or decrease, and how many viewers watch. You may use this information to re-edit the video or change your call to action.

A Clear Concept.

Explainer videos are awesome content assets because they meet almost every inbound marketing requirement: they’re committed, supportive, succinct, and humane. They can deliver your message “what we do,” inform your audience in tutorials or tell the story of your business. Believe it or not, your page is probably among the most trafficked pages on your website.

Once more, explainer videos perform best when the subject is very narrow. It’s obviously not going to be well translated if you can’t capture your intended idea in a clear five-part outline (context, problem, solution, result, call-to-action).

Short and Snappy Length.

Nobody has time to watch 12-minute explainer videos. No matter how amazing you think the content is, it won’t happen. The best videos are between 30 and 90 seconds long, and the key message is caught early on. If you can’t squeeze in ninety seconds, all you have to say, don’t make the video longer (or make multiple videos).

A Marketing Strategy.

It doesn’t matter how great your video is; it’s going to fail if nobody watches it. A strong marketing plan is important if you are to achieve your video goals. Look at what platforms you actually use to connect with your target audience – websites, emails, social media, television, business partners, and presentations. The more they watch your video, the more it converts. It’s just as simple as that.

Explanatory videos are cheerleaders in bright armor when it comes to video marketing.

However, there is a right and wrong way of producing a genuinely good video explanation. Follow the above tips, and you’re going to make a video that isn’t only a cinematic masterpiece but also lit.

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