Influencer marketing becomes more and more popular in 2020, it plays a more important part for some companies. This reflects in many ways for example: influencer marketing can drive more cost-effective traffic than traditional digital marketing, influencer marketing brings more awareness for brands etc. In this article, let’s dig out why influencer marketing is so important this year.

First of all, we need to know what is an influencer? Influencer is usually called as Key Opinion Leader (KOL), it is the marketing concept which is usually defined as a person who has more and more accurate product information or interests, and it is accepted or trusted by the relevant group and has greater influence on the buying behavior of this group. 

Influencer Marketing Is a Cost-Effective Way to Drive Traffic

Before 2015, the influencers we used to call them stars, like Michael Jordan, Taylor Swift and some famous people we saw on TV or radio. But now with the development of the internet, we have more chances to get to know more people via social media, so today’s influencers are more likely to be the celebrities on social media. These groups of people get millions of followers through content. Just because of this, the brands and influencers found that it’s an opportunity to work and realize a win-win result. It is worth mentioning that the cost of working with an influencer is cheaper than celebrity endorsement. In 2020, some companies found the traffic cost is even cheaper than digital marketing. 

Social Media Software Is Penetrating Into Our Daily Life In 2020

Essentially, influencer marketing is a branch of social media marketing, it will be affected by the development of social media. As we all know, social media marketing is popular in recent years, it benefits from feed stream ads format and the growth of average amount of time per day spent using social media. The more time people spend on social media, the more chances of ad views for brands. Similarly, people will also use more time for watching the content of the influencers on social media networks.      

Besides, people are more likely to find their purchase inspiration via social media networks, this is why influencer marketing grows so fast in 2020.

After reading this, you may become optimistic, influencer marketing 100% works for all business. Actually, that’s not true. I will let you know some disadvantages of influencer marketing.

There Are Many Fake Influencers Waste Money of Brand

Influencer marketing is a job that requires experience, people often judge the quality of an influencer by the number of followers. This is the featured mistake that people usually make.

What is the right way to judge this? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Observe the grow of a channel

If the follower growth curve is falling on social media accounts, there must be something wrong with the influencer, it is unbelievable that an influencer who is losing subscribers can interact well with its followers.

  1. Keep an eye on its views/subs

View/Subs is the ratio of the media number of views to the number of subscribers, it can effectively measure the activity of a social media account.

  1. Engagement rate is also important

This index is often used to measure the quality of a channel, because engagement rate is made up of like rate, comments rate and dislike rate. The better content the influencer makes, the higher engagement rate the influencer has. These 2 things are positively correlated.

However, this requires a lot of data and calculations, is there any way to save time? Absolutely yes!

Some social media tracking website can help you do this! These sites have all the metrics I mentioned above. Just search the channel name and get the results. 

People Usually Waste a Lot of Time in The Process of Discovering Influencers

Influencer Marketing

I guess that a lot of influencer marketers may agree with my point, if you are a new guy to do this job, you have to spend a lot of time in searching for influencers related to your niches. Want to know what they do on a daily basis? Here are some steps to share with you.

  1. Find a social media platform
  2. Search hundreds of keywords related to products or business
  3. Check the quality of the social media accounts one by one

Are you getting tired after knowing this? Influencer marketers are really hard to find, because companies require them to get the most conversion for the least amount of money, so the ROI is always related to their KPI. Thus, influencer marketers start to find some tools to help them. What is the tool? Noxinfluencer would be one of the good choices.

It is a social media influencer search engine, this can help you dig out the target influencer of your niches, just enter a keyword and get the exact matched results. Besides, Noxinfluencer can help you sort the influencer on the basis of country, channel performance, medium views etc. This can help marketers improve their efficiency.

Influencer marketing has its advantage and weakness, but it is becoming popular in 2020. Data can make us realize the importance of influencer marketing, and tools can also help us try it in a more efficient way. So, what are you waiting for?