It is no surprise that Shiv Nadar has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement award at the CNBC-TV18, India Business Leader Awards. Let’s delve into how Shiv Nadar has influenced the highly competitive and cut-throat world of today. But before that, a short brief on the man himself.

Shiv Nadar

Shiv Nadar is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of HCL Enterprise. He is also the founder and chairman of the Shiv Nadar Foundation. 

HCL was founded in 1976 as a computing hardware manufacturing business and today is a global technology provider in the IT services industry with over US $10 billion revenue milestone. The Shiv Nadar Foundation was founded in 1974 with an interest in education, creating a more equitable and merit-based society using education to bridge the socio-economic divide.

Influence of Shiv Nadar on the Indian Business Scene

The corporate world can learn many things from this business icon. Let’s take a look at some of his influences on the corporate world.

Creating a Rich Working Environment

Shiv Nadar believed that you could attract premium talent only if the work on hand for them is rich. Some of the best talent in the country love to get to work where you can put follow your heart and not design diktats from headquarters overseas. This is the kind of work that you can get from Shiv Nadar. Many of the IIT talent that he hired got to lay their hands on microprocessor design.

Distribute Work and Be Flexible

Irrespective of the position you hold in the organization, one should be ready for any assignment and be ready to distribute the workload. This was practiced by Shiv Nadar himself throughout his career. The distribution of workload cannot be emphasized more than Shiv Nadar when he says, “there is only so much work that you can do as an individual. You need to distribute work among your team members”.

Reinvent and Identify Opportunities Constantly

Shiv Nadar has taught the corporate world that constantly reinventing your business and finding new revenue opportunities is the only insurance against crises.

Be Paranoid but Do Not React in Fear

Shiv Nadar believed that only the paranoid strives for the best and are always prepared for the worst. Staying on the lookout for your next crisis point and challenges in business lets you stay nimble-footed in the corporate world.

Matters of the Board

A board of directors governs an organization. It is important to understand well how boards are formed, how decisions on high-risk investments are taken, how disagreements are handled, how many family members are on the board, and how performances of CEOs, COOs, and CFOs evaluated.


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