Video editing software makes it incredibly easy to include subtitles, but did you know this could actually reduce views and interaction? Did you know that you can use video transcription and translation services to not only increase viewer interaction but to put your videos out in front of hundreds of millions of new viewers and reduce your competition at the same time? Do you want to know how (and why) to do this? We will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. 

Translation on the Internet – By the Numbers

If you do this successfully, and research a little bit, you can immediately reduce your competition by more than 99% and still get your video marketing campaign in front of literally tens of millions of viewers. At the same time, these viewers are largely unrepresented online, which means they have fewer options available, making it much more likely to be “hungry” for your content, products, or services.

The first thing you should look at is the data and other information that has been listed on the W3Techs where all sorts of internet data are available. Not all of this data is available on any single page, but rather, has been compiled from a number of pages on their site regarding current numbers, facts, figures, and other internet statistics. 

98% of internet content is limited to only 11 different languages. All the other languages on the internet individually comprise less than 1% of all of the content on the internet. Additionally, equally important information includes the following data. There are approximately 24 languages that have more than 50 million native speakers. There are about 85 languages that have more than 10 million speakers. 

When you add up all the numbers and do a little bit of math, you are only competing with less than 1% of the total content on the internet, it should give you an immediate boost in terms of SEO for your video marketing campaign. Moreover, YouTube supports at least 80 languages. Google supports more than 100 languages. 

Knowing this, you should also know that there are at least 69 languages for video translation where you can use audio or video transcription services to create srt or closed captioning files and put your videos out in front of millions of hungry viewers. 

Using video or audio transcription services to translate the audio files into these languages will also mean that your video marketing campaign now has to compete with less than 1% of all the content on the internet. This not only includes greatly reducing your direct competition but virtually all of your competition even if it is more indirect in nature. 

Audio and Video Transcriptions Services, Closed Captioning and SEO

The many choices available for voice to text software and video software editing options can make it tempting to use subtitles for the videos, but do not even think about it if you want to create a successful video marketing campaign. Why? 

Why not use subtitles for successful video marketing campaigns? There are many reasons for not using subtitles, not the least of which is for search engine optimization or SEO. Closed caption files are hard-coded into the video files and thus available only in a single language. 

The mixing of closed captioning and subtitles will make both very difficult to read and tend to reduce the number of views and interactions by the viewers. You may also want to consider using a professional translation company to transcribe audio to text and create complete srt files including noise descriptions, sounds, music, and other materials to allow the hearing impaired to get an accurate and complete experience from the video. 

Of more importance perhaps, is the fact that closed captioning or srt files are fully indexed by all of the search engines while subtitles are not. This includes the YouTube search engine which remains the second largest search engine online behind only Google. This results in helping videos to rank better for more keywords in the search engines and increasing the chances of the video being displayed in the YouTube recommended video lists. 

Video and Audio Transcription Services and Viewer Interaction

More important here perhaps, is the increase in viewer interaction that has been introduced due to the use of the video and audio transcription services and the inclusion of the srt closed captioning files. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that many people watch videos with the sound turned off completely. 

There is an equally substantial indication that videos with closed captioning created by the video and audio transcription will enjoy many other benefits as reported on the InstaPage website. Videos that have used audio transcription services to generate professional srt files saw numerous increases in viewing times and interaction. 

Total time viewing increased by 5%- 3% more viewers watched the videos, while the average reach of videos using video transcription for srt files grew by about 16%. Among the most telling of these statistics, however, is that calls to action for videos without closed captioning decreased by around 17% and by 26% for videos on the Facebook social media platform.

Video and Audio Transcription Services and Multilingual Social Media Marketing

Video marketing campaigns are an excellent way to get your message out in front of a large and diverse audience, but that should not be the extent of your marketing. Videos that are placed on social media platforms tend to be shared more and can help to increase the reach and influence of your video marketing campaign. 

It may require a little research, but there are many additional social media platforms that are more localized or limited to more restricted geographical areas. It is still important to ensure that your videos are presented on all of the major social media platforms, these smaller, local social media platforms can still be an excellent way to get your videos more directly in front of a relevant audience. 

Eventually, most notably if you are selling products or services, you may want to expand your multilingual marketing campaign in order to provide a larger supply of information to the foreign language markets. Not only should you focus on establishing a full multilingual marketing campaign, but you should consider the potential benefits of a full website translation as well. 

In the early phases of a multilingual marketing campaign, it may be sufficient to have a landing page or two translated into the native language, but there are also benefits to have a full website translation at the same time. Using website translation services you can provide a more complete experience for the foreign language customer base, including the localization of your entire site above and beyond the language translation. 

How to Build an SEO Friendly Video Marketing Campaign with Transcription Services

  • Create your video as you normally would. Ideally, the video will include an srt file that has been created by professionally transcribed audio to text to be sure that the srt files encompass the full video experience. The srt files should contain not only a transcription of the speech within the video but other aspects including background noises and other information to allow the closed caption viewer to enjoy the full experience of the video.
  • Create separate channels for each language for video translation services. People are not going to be searching in one language to find content in another language, though this is a surprisingly common mistake in multilingual marketing. Creating separate channels for each video translation will ensure that the right users have all of the videos conveniently located for their perusal. For the record, yes, you can upload the same video to multiple channels on YouTube without any penalties being incurred according to the Google Blog and Google Support
  • Leave the original videos in their primary language and just upload the srt files for the language translation specific to that individual channel. If you wish to add additional languages, use the original video transcription in the primary language of the video for the second srt file.
  • Expand your multilingual marketing campaign as the resources become available, including things like website translation and the multilingual multi-purposing of all your marketing materials. Use the video and audio transcription to create podcasts, slideshows, and other materials to help gain a larger, more international following. 

If you are serious about your video marketing campaign and putting it out in front of tens of millions of viewers, video and audio transcription services will increase your target demographic. If that alone is not enough incentive, the increase in views, average view times, and the increase in click-through rates should convince you that video and audio transcription services can greatly increase your bottom line and make your video marketing campaign more successful.