As Valentine’s day is just around the corner, love is in the air again. People are on the lookout for a card for their significant others. This is where Valentine’s day email templates come in.

Amidst the pandemic when people are unable to see each other in person, people can order stuff from brands, and depending upon the offers and the products, there is also a good chance that your company may see increased sales.

To know how you can stay ahead of the competition, here are some of the major tips that can help you to increase your sales and growth while spreading love.

1. Make a proper list of ideas to better know the purpose of the campaign.

You can play it out in two ways, either you can organize a sale on Valentines’ day out of love for your customers, or you can sell products for your Valentines’ day. The campaign schedule of your newsletter solely depends on this along with the amount of time that you need to ship the goods. If your shopping doesn’t take long, you can launch your campaign six to seven days before Valentines’ day as it is deemed as the best time.

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2. Be creative with your subject line

Something as simple as “Happy Valentines’ day” would not catch the eye and may not help with the sales. The subject may very well change the game for you since most men get confused as to what should they take and an ingenious subject may catch the eye instantly.

You can also add some emojis as that may also help.

3. Try sending a special email

If you can make a user feel special, then your sales will spike in no time. Apart from the template, you can send a special something to win over your subscribers. For instance, you can include a funny or a romantic video inside the email which may further encourage the subscribers to hit the call on the action button. You can even include snippets from videos or romantic GIFs to get the job done.

4. Look for a unique color

Keep in mind that color also plays a key role in your sales since many emails get painted in common colors like red and pink. You should choose a different color as you can maintain the vibe with smiley faces, creative headlines, and many other things. Here we have given a list of some of the most popular tools and photo stocks that can help you

  •– You can use this website to make collages and edit images along with a ton of great filters.
  • Design wizard– Offers the users the to edit high-quality images and videos and is originally a graphic design tool
  •– The popular template platform that also has a mobile application, to begin with.
  • Pixlr editor– Quite similar to photoshop and offers free editing tools
  •– The website offers free stock photos
  •– This is a free website that offers stock photos

5. Mention other sorts of messages in Valentines’ day email marketing

It is quite common that people spend a lot on this apart from candies and love. The message that your email has can be on anything, be it to treat themselves, their loved ones, or even their pets as it is quite common that most people spend money for gifts on Valentines’ day for their pets. This way you can broaden the spectrum instead of limiting yourself to romance only.

6. Do email campaigning by the use of social media for Valentines’ day.

Social media can play a major role in your company getting new leads for the campaign. Generally, landing pages are quite effective as you do not need to edit the look and the feel that your store gives.

Make sure of the fact that you add some extra special offers for Valentine’s day sales along with a welcome or confirmation mail that goes to everyone who buys from you or even signs up as that may also increase your reach.

7. Keep tabs on your current subscribers

The current subscribers are the best source for your purchases as they have already bought once from you and they may buy again, provided that they had a good experience with the previous purchase.

Teasers are always appreciated on social media by the audience and you can also create “custom audience” preferences while uploading a list of your subscribers and promoting a banner specially for them. This can be done impactfully on Twitter and Facebook.

8. You will need to create some hype around your brand

Try to make your audience follow a trend or to repost with a certain hashtag that promotes your brand also make sure to hold contests where the people who retweet your post get a prize or one of them gets a price.

Although make sure to keep an eye on the hashtag before using it to make sure that it is free.

These are some of the general tips that can help you to improve your email marketing which can further lead to increased sales and overall growth of the brand.