When you think about the number of professional and personal activities that have been impacted by social distancing, you begin to see just how much life has changed since the days before COVID-19. Work meetings and social gatherings have turned into video events. Videos have become a powerful and effective tool to strengthen relationships with existing customers, as well as engage prospects. It’s more important than ever to embrace video production and marketing during the times we live in. That’s just as true when producing your own video as it is when employing the services of a video production agency.

Importance of Video Production Marketing in Pandemic

It’s also important to understand that what’s occurring in the video world won’t suddenly change once the pandemic is over. Most of the preferences and behaviors we’ve taken on will likely remain a big part of our lives. Following are the reasons why video will remain the primary marketing medium for consumers.

Video Improves SEO

When you add a video to a blog post, it adds entertainment value, as well as showing your prospects how you can solve their problem. This helps your SEO, boosting your videos in search engine rankings.

It was already known that Google prioritizes video in its search results, but now there’s something called EAT, where Google looks to reward those consumers with Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. While COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in disinformation shared on the Web, Google uses EAT as one way to combat it. You can tell a story in whatever subject matter you’re an expert in through the medium of video. Google clearly wants it.

Short and Sweet

An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study revealed that millennials like short videos, with older viewers having a preference for longer ones. Then there’s Gen-Z, which viewed 3.4 hours of video a day even before the pandemic.

While you should consider the duration of your videos, what’s more, important is that you respect your audience’s time, which is sometimes measured in seconds, you’re asking your prospects to spend time watching your message, and a video isn’t the medium for a message requiring long explanations. You have only a couple of seconds to grab their attention, or they’ll be moving on to the next video.

Video is More Than an Option

Video works better than anything when it comes to integrating a brand into the world of a consumer, and it’s a great way to engage directly with your prospects as they look for ways to learn about your products and services that they might not be able to seek out in the real world due to the pandemic.

Relevance is important here. It’s the reason for marketers having produced more videos on such topics as remote work, press reduction, fitness, and cooking at home. Many organizations have found that they can tell their story in cost-effective and transparent ways with video.

Don’t allow a pandemic-hit budget to restrain you from marketing with video during the pandemic. Genuine and transparent messages that grab the attention of your prospects don’t require hugely expensive production budgets. Just make sure to tell great stories.

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