Writing a paper is hard. Writing a paper for publication is difficult. Writing a technical paper for publication is more difficult than both of these. Writing a technical paper isn’t quite the same as just writing a normal essay, and getting it ready for publishing is another hassle in and of itself. All of this is particularly troubling for students, who generally don’t have too much practice in this kind of thing. Here we will discuss some tips and advice in preparing a technical paper for publication.

Understand the Criteria for Submission

When it comes to writing a technical paper for submission, you are generally submitting it to a certain board or committee. These groups almost always have some sort of special rules or criteria you have to adhere to in order to submit a paper to them. That being the case, it is absolutely vital that you understand what those criteria are before you even begin writing the paper. After all, if you write the whole thing without paying attention to the submission criteria, the entire paper could be worthless at the time of its completion, invalidating hours of hard work on your end. It may seem like a simple tip, but this one is ultimately the most important: knowing what exactly you have to do and how you have to do it before you begin a grueling task is the most important part of making it more manageable.

Focus on the Abstract

The abstract section of a technical paper is essentially where you sum up the entire paper from start to finish, but it lies at the beginning of the paper. The abstract’s job is to inform readers of all the important bits of the paper in a brief manner. This lets the reader know what to expect going in and lets them know if the paper is worth their time. While an abstract is generally only about a page, it is still one of the most important parts of the paper: if the abstract isn’t done well, a board may refuse to even read the paper, once again making all of your hard work mostly useless.

But while the abstract is usually at the beginning of the paper, it is actually best to write it at the end, after you have already written the entirety of your paper. By doing this, you know exactly what needs to be summed up in the abstract, including methodology, data, logical arguments, implications, and conclusions. That said, you must make sure the abstract is concise: it needs to include all the important points of the paper, without getting too wordy. If the readers lose interest, they’ll swiftly move on, and too many unnecessary words could cause readers to skim the abstract and miss important information.

Ready the References

Most technical papers will require you to have references for all relevant data and points. If you aren’t sure if a reference is needed at a certain point, it’s always safer to put it in. Of course, you will also need to list all of your references at the end of the paper, so make sure you keep track of all of them. Using a citation maker online will ensure that they are in the proper format, including being alphabetical. While most people aren’t going to meticulously read through dozens of references to make sure they are perfectly formatted, obvious formatting errors can still cause trouble with a publication, especially on a technical paper.


Because writing papers is such tedious work, it is easy to just claim it as finished once you are done writing it. However, doing this is utter folly. While having errors in any paper is undesirable, for a technical paper, it is especially heinous. No matter how solid your research may be, your credibility will be damaged if there are obvious mistakes and errors in your paper. That being the case, you should proofread many times, and even have other people do so if possible, even if that means paying money for it.

Use an Online Writing Service

Admittedly, technical papers are tedious and a huge hassle. That’s why a paper writing service should never be out of the cards. These types of online services are quite straightforward: you tell them what you need to be written and when you need it by, and they write it for a fee that varies by how soon you need the work and how complex it is. They often revise it as many times as you need free of charge. If you have more money than time, an online writing service is definitely a viable course of action: that said if you have to write many papers, employing them too often would definitely start to get quite costly at some point.