Presently, Tinder is one of the trending dating apps, perfect for searching for a genuine date or a hookup partner. Meeting new people is very exciting, but you have to be cautious while meeting someone you don’t know. So, before taking any step, make your best decision putting safety in first place. If you can’t control the actions of others, it is better to take your own actions carefully to stay safe on Tinder. 

Here we have profiled one of the best Tinder reviews followed by some tips to use Tinder without getting into frauds. 


Tinder is easy to set up, and the premise is also simple. You can swipe right if you are interested in someone or swipe left if you don’t like. It’s a common feature of probably every dating app. But on Tinder, you will get some pros and cons as well.


  • It has a huge database.
  • With upgrading, you can unlock several useful bells and whistles.
  • Premium users can use the Passport feature for changing location. It helps to find local singles of any city. 
  • There is no particular time limitation of messaging on Tinder.
  • It is suitable for every kind of relationship like one night stand, casual hook up, or even marriage.
  • Tinder offers an integrated video chat feature. Though it is available in some limited markets. 
  • It comes with excellent safety features via Noonlight that provides a Timeline feature. On the Timeline feature, users can share their first date details. Also, users can contact emergency services via Noonlight. 


  • If you don’t belong to a big city, you will get the option of a smaller match queue. Usually, on Tinder, 76% of users live in urban areas, 17% from suburbs, and 7% of rural regions. 
  • Without an upgrade, you only can swipe right 100 profiles within 12 hours.
  • Tinder comes with an age-based pay scale. If you are more than 31 years, your upgrading cost will be more.
  • On Tinder, there are more male accounts than females’. Hence, you will face more competition if you are a man.
  • The users can get only a limited amount of information about their potential matches. 

Now, we will move to the tips that will help you to use Tinder without getting into frauds.

Things to Remember While Meeting Someone on Tinder

  • Don’t be in a rush while meeting someone from a dating app like Tinder. You should take your time to get to know your potential match before meeting him or her. Before the meeting, you can try to communicate over a phone call or video call. 
  • Always try to meet in public places. Try to avoid meeting in your home or your partner’s home. And don’t forget to tell your friends or family about your plans. Get your cell phone charged and keep it with you always. 
  • While going on a date, it’s better to know your limits. Always try to avoid alcohol or drugs on your date. Still, if your date forces you to do so, you can end the date immediately. 
  • If you drink on the date, make sure where the drinks come from. You can accept those drinks that are directly prepared by the bartender or the server. There are several cases of sexual assaults; hence, you need to be careful. And always keep your personal stuff like wallet, purse, phone to yourself. 
  • Take control of your transportation while you are going for a date. If you drive by yourself, it will be great. Otherwise, you can have some backup plans such as a ride-share app. Also, you can ask any friend to pick you up. 
  • Don’t forget to protect your personal information. Never share your personal information like work or home address, social security number, details of your daily schedules on the first date. Take time to know the person and check if he or she is genuine or not. If you feel uncomfortable, you can leave the date. 

Though Tinder app offers security features itself, you should still follow the aforementioned tips not to end up meeting frauds. If you feel anything offensive or find someone suspicious, you can directly report that profile. Also, you should protect your account with a strong password. Try to avoid using a public or shared computer to log into your Tinder account. Thus, you can keep yourself safe on Tinder.