• Ecommerce Shipping: How to Ship Products to Customers

    | Updated on August 25, 2023

    Having an effective shipping strategy in place is one of the best ways of scaling your business and serving your customers better. For example, when shipping from the US to Canada, you want to ensure that you take a simplistic approach that serves your customers better without putting too much strain on your business. It is best to avoid financial strains, like paying exorbitant shipping costs that can eat away at your profit margin.

    To be successful, you need to plan your shipping business properly; This means being mindful of strategic shipping options like coordinating your online store with effective shipping means. Today, consumers are more demanding than ever, expecting timely delivery to differentiate themselves from other merchants. This will mean increased sales for you.

    Having a solid and well-coordinated team is essential to achieving this. This way, everyone in the system knows their specific task, making execution more efficient.

    Best Ecommerce Shipping Practices

    Do the following things to ensure your eCommerce shipping business remains competitive:

    i) Find the Right People to Work with:

    A good team is essential to the success of your eCommerce shipping business. However, the right team will make the difference, ensuring that the job gets done even when conditions are less than ideal. Ensure that every department in your eCommerce business knows what to do to accomplish the more considerable effective shipping to your customers.

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    You need to ensure that you have the right stakeholders on board to do what’s necessary for scaling your eCommerce business. For example, your marketing team can utilize promotions to encourage more sales. These promotions could include discounts on shipping rates and small gifts to customers that purchase regularly. Good customer service is essential. Ensure that the different stakeholders within your team understand customer pain points and how to handle disgruntled customers.

    ii) Set Clear Goals:

    Every business sets goals to be achieved. However, few of them achieve those goals effectively and consistently. Clearly define what you want to achieve with your eCommerce strategy. It’s essential to remember that goals are only as effective as their implementation. You want to do things that push you toward consistently achieving your eCommerce shipping goals. For example, you could offer shipping to people in areas with no eCommerce shipping coverage to achieve a broader customer base. By breaking into such a market, you’ll most likely have loyal customers for the foreseeable future. Increased average order value (AOV) like expedited shipping for customers buying past a certain price threshold will help sales and achieve your goals easier.

    Shipping Products to Consumers

    Once you’ve made all the necessary preparations—like having the right team and setting clear goals, it’s time to deliver to your customers.

    1)Preparing the Online Sale platform

    Set up a robust website to act as the platform where customers can come and browse your inventory. Ensure that it’s user-friendly for more straightforward navigation. It should also be mobile-friendly because many people use their phones to browse the internet. Ensure that your products are clearly labeled according to category and class. For example, electronic headsets come with different functionalities. Separate them based on such parameters to ensure customers can easily find them.

    2) Determine Which Products to Package

    Total weight and size are essential for end distribution in the eCommerce shipping business. Ensure that you can package products properly before shipping; this helps calculate the suitable shipping charges, ensuring that you don’t pay more than you should.

    3) Confirm Shipping Destination

    You should have members of your team that manage these things by now. As soon as customers place their orders, you want them processed as quickly as possible. Using software to automate this process can also be effective. All customers have to place their orders and pay; then, the software confirms the destination for shipping.

    4) Confirm Shipping Carrier and Calculate Cost

    It’s best to use local courier companies nearer to the customer’s geographical location. This is because they tend to offer cheaper rates and more convenience. While it makes sense to use large shipping companies for transporting products across continents, once the product gets to a particular city or region, it’s best to switch to local shipping companies. The cost will be cheaper, meaning you don’t have to overcharge your customers.

    When all these have been taken care of, the product should arrive at the customer’s destination.

    In the end, it’s about ensuring a positive and practical customer shopping experience.

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