‘Hail’—a chunk of ice that falls during thunderstorms is a dangerous and damaging severe weather phenomenon that comes any time of the year in different shapes and sizes.

Although hail storms actually happen all over the world, they’re received more in certain parts of the world for instance; the approach of summer monsoon season in India brings severe thunderstorms, and as China experiences frequent hail storms, so do parts of the Midwestern United States. In fact, the ‘Great Plain’ regions of the U.S. and Canada are considered ‘Hail Alley.’

Unfortunately, such natural disasters in the blink of an eye can cause extreme damage to our homes, property, crops, or even to our cars. So, depending on your zone or region you live in, if you’re also a victim of a hailstorm then, this leads us to ask you the following question—

Do you have a hail damaged vehicle at your place with destroyed windows, badly damaged doors, dented roof and wondering what to do with it? Let us guess, you must be thinking of fixing it of course because according to you why would anyone buy a hail-damaged car right! But, wait, we recommend you, don’t fix it and instead sell it.

However, before selling, it is necessary that you must do a little homework about certain crucial aspects regarding your hail-damaged car. So, to brief you about the same, here we go:

How Much Is the Worth of a Hail Damaged Car?

To determine how much is the worth of your hail damaged vehicle, you can start by contacting three different body shops and procure your estimates from each one of them. This way, by utilizing a resource like KBB, you’ll have a good chance to get back a wide variety of costs for your damaged vehicle in order to determine your vehicle selling price if it was in near perfect condition.

Thus, after knowing the selling price, you can subtract the value of the damage repairs to finally get the idea of the actual worth of your vehicle at this time.

Whether to Use Insurance for Hail-Damaged Cars or Not?

Definitely, you need to ask yourself on the first basis, whether you should use your Insurance for your hail-damaged car in order to be reimbursed for your damaged car. But, the answer to this question completely depends on your car’s actual worth (if it is in good condition) in relation to its damage-repaired cost. Understand it in this way; if the damage-repair amount of your vehicle is more than your vehicle actual worth then, it may not be worth it to process the claim but on the other side, if the repair cost is less than the worth of your vehicle then, why not! You’re good to go to your Insurance Company to complete the repair.

How to Sell a Hail-Damaged Car?

Considering both the aforementioned aspects, if you don’t want to use your Insurance and only looking forward to sell hail damaged car then, let us tell you that you’ll get a bevy of common options for selling a damaged car with their pros and cons like the followings—

  • Sell via Craigslist:

    You can utilize the community-based free services of craigslist. However, if you’re going to list your car as having hail damage then, understand that there are some individuals out there to use that ‘hail damage’ as a method of drastically knocking you down in price but, if you’ve done your homework in advance (as mentioned above in this blog) then, you already know what it costs. Thus, no one will be able to manipulate you for picking up your car for a low price.

  • Sell It Separately In Parts:

    There’re various groups of individuals and websites who will purchase hail damaged vehicles, strip them in parts and then sell the parts separately for money. So, if you’ve decided to sell your car in parts then, be ready to invest substantial time and energy as you’ve to deal with ripping apart a car as well as listing all the parts separately on various websites, and then, collecting your money.

  • Sell To a Junkyard:

    This business model of ripping your car apart is typically full-scale and involves professional operations that employ mechanics and technicians, but they try their hard to get the vehicles for a low price with the intention of either fixing them up for selling it to earn more profits.

However, out of these, the most suitable option that you can opt is to sell your car to a network of car buyers who’re specialized in purchasing damaged vehicles such as ‘Cash Car Buyers.’ They offer you the convenience of being able to go online, and just type in a few details about your car to get an upfront price even for the hail-damaged car!