• 5 Ways to Choose a Reliable Business Insurance Company

    | Updated on February 8, 2023

    It’s taken a lot of hard work, skill, and dedication to set up your business. And when it comes to running a successful company, things like reputation, advertising, and your competitors can cause a good business to either sink or swim these days. 

    We’re living in unpredictable times. Finding the best insurance company to keep you covered, confident, and prepared for the worst-case scenarios of the world is essential. All of that time and effort to create your dream business can all end in an instant without the right coverage. 

    There are a lot of business insurance companies out there, both little-known startup companies, and well-known industry leaders such as biBERK. But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right business insurance company for your business? Here are 5 steps to follow.

    Check Their Company History

    You’d expect your own customers to do a little research into your business before making their final decision to trust you, and the same should go for when you’re looking for a reliable business insurance company. 

    Be sure to look into the history of the company. How many years have they been in business? Who are the people running the business insurance company? Some insight into their history will help you to decide whether they’d be a good fit for your needs. 

    Look at Customer Reviews 

    This can be a tightrope. After all, every business, no matter how fantastic their service is, will encounter a few negative reviews from some disgruntled customers. It’s also very possible that competitors have added some fake poor reviews to steer people away. 

    However, it’s still vital to look around at some of the reviews for any business insurance company. Explore a range of review sites and get a general idea of the pros and cons of the business. 

    Compare Prices

    Online comparison sites and aggregators mean that no business needs to worry about being overcharged for goods and services. 

    Of course, insurance is a unique beast, and businesses will get the coverage they pay for, so this can raise red flags for insurance companies on both ends of the price scale. Too pricey? Perhaps there’s a cheaper alternative to suit your budget. Too cheap? Well, does that price tag reflect poor overall coverage? 

    First Impressions

    You can tell a lot about a business by just sending off a general email inquiry or having a quick chat with an insurance advisor. 

    Did they take the time to understand what your business is and what kind of coverage you’ll need? Did you feel like you were immediately pushed into a sales pitch, or was there a person on the other end of the line who wanted to get to know your company better?

    Ease of Contact 

    It’s important to know how quickly you’ll be able to contact your insurance provider in the event of an incident that requires their services. 

    Whether it’s a 24/7 phone number or a social media contact, you need to be sure that there’s ease of access for claims forms and queries. No one wants to think of a worst-case scenario, but when it happens, it’s vital to know that your business insurance provider can be contacted quickly. 

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    Joseph Williams
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