The rapid evolution of technology is causing behavioral changes with less attention span and rising of boring tendencies. People now wish to change their handsets every year and want to be with the newest, latest, and the swankiest. 

That leaves hundreds of thousands of idle mobile phones lying scattered across the home and office which brings us to do something with the unused phones. To recycle a mobile phone online is one of the common ways to get an optimal worth of your old handset.

Why ignore it lying sluggishly in your closets and beds when there are some pounds attached to it. 

When you opt to recycle your old handset, you contribute your bit towards keeping the planet pure and green.

Let’s understand how?

How Can I Recycle My Phone Online?

In recent years the number of companies, marketplaces, and websites venturing into the recycling of mobile phones has jumped up dramatically. Many such mobile phone recycling companies have made their mark and established themselves as an authority in this domain.

The process is fairly simple. Just select your phone from the list, key in some basic personal details, and the condition of your handset with some predefined dropdowns. You instantly get a page that lists various options and deals. Have a detailed look and choose the one that best suits you. Once you’ve decided and submitted, either wait to send the device by yourself or wait for a while to get a prepaid postal sticker from the company you’ve chosen to deal with.

Can a Damaged Phone be Recycled?

Most companies accept damaged phones, though with reduced prices. However, if it is damaged to the core with water or has a badly broken screen that makes it unfunctional, or it is not switching on, all of these fall into the category of severely damaged with merely or no monetary value in the market. However, it is critical to know that such phones could always be recycled rather than adding them to the trash or throwing them irresponsibly. 

Recycling is Responsible Behaviour.

What Happens When We Recycle Old Mobile Phones?

The recycling process is the last step and stage in the life of a phone. When the phone has gone through the stages of reselling and refurbishing and cannot be further used any which ways, then it goes for a recycle. Be it any stage, checking the IMEI number for its legal clearance is the first step to move forward. 

If the phone could be refurbished, it would be checked for the non-working parts. Such parts would then be replaced with other fine tunings necessary to make it up and to run smoothly. Such phones are then sent to different parts of the UK and may also be sent abroad in some economically challenged markets where affording a new phone is a challenge.

If it can’t be refurbished, it will go into extraction where the important metals and other elements would be removed to be used as a raw material in the manufacturing of new phones and otherwise too. You may not know, but some of the constituents of the phone are gold, silver, copper, nickel, and aluminium, all of which are used in the jewellery making industry. Plastic extracted from it is melted down to plastic sheets that have immense use across the industries.

How Much Cash Can I Expect?

It depends on several factors based on the make, model, condition, aging, and b the demand for that particular handset. What you should know is that even if you don’t get an expected price, it is always beneficial to show it the recycle way than just lying blatantly. Mobiles constitute a lot of dangerous materials that are harmful to the environment when it goes to a landfill. Ignoring your phone to lie still is the most unsolicited things that you can do with your phone.

Other Options

Apart from putting your phone to recycle, there are also a bunch of other options that you could consider if you think your phone is still working in a decent condition. 

You can sell it online to marketplaces and websites that are into buying and reselling old phones. 

However, that may come with a listing fee and pressured prices. 

Giving in to someone in the family or a friend may also fetch you some kind of satisfaction and generosity if you present it to them. Furthermore, you can also donate it to the companies that pass the proceeds to charity and NGOs’.

All said and done, by now, you must have got a fair view of the proceedings in recycling the mobile phone online.