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2 Working Ways to Recover your Instagram Password

Passwords are synonymous with security and once someone is able to crack that, they can easily get into your personal accounts. That is why you are always told to change your passwords frequently or make sure they are not easy to guess. The same goes for Instagram where it becomes important to change the password to avoid a data breach. It is not secure to set a password while creating an Instagram account and then not to change it forever. Changing the Instagram password will keep your account secure and even if you had shared it with someone else, changing it will make the old password useless.

Also, these complex passwords can be hard to remember and there can be instances when you don’t remember the correct password of your Instagram account, but nothing to worry as there are ways using which you can easily recover your forgotten Instagram password.

Here’s what to do if you forgot your Instagram password.

Reset your Instagram Password from the Website

If you want to reset the password through the Instagram website, you can do that easily using the steps given here:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Forgot Password’.
  1. On the next screen, you will have to enter your email address, username, or phone number linked to your Instagram account and then click on ‘Send Login Link’.
  1. Now, look for the login link you have received on your email address and click on ‘Reset Password’. If you have entered your mobile number, then check your phone for the verification link.
  1. Once you click on the reset link, you will be allowed to change the password of your Instagram account. Enter the new password twice for confirmation and finally click on ‘Reset Password’ to complete the process.

Reset your Instagram Password from the App

If you can’t remember your Instagram password, you can easily reset it through the app and it will not consume much of your time. Here I have shown you how you can reset the Instagram password through the app on your Android device; also the steps are the same for iPhone or iPad.

  1. Launch the Instagram app and tap ‘Log In’
  2. On the next screen, tap the option ‘Get help signing in’.
  1. Next, you have to enter your username, email address, or phone number that is linked to your Instagram account and tap ‘Next’.
  1. Now, you can tap the option ‘Send an Email’ if you have entered your email address in the previous step.
  1. Login to your email address and you will see an email from Instagram, tap the option that says ‘Log in as (username)’.
  1. Now, you can change your old Instagram account and enter the new password; finally, tap ‘Reset Password’.

That’s how you can reset your Instagram password in case you have forgotten it. Even if you are logged in, it can happen that you don’t remember the correct password, hence you can recover it anytime you want. There is no way to find out your old Instagram password once you have forgotten it; you can only set a new one using your email address or phone number. 

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Tips to Set a New Instagram Password

  1. Don’t share your Instagram password with anyone or everyone.
  2. Make sure to use a combination of upper case, lower case letters as well as numbers and special symbols.
  3. Don’t use the same password for all your social accounts such as Instagram or Facebook.

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