Moving is a complex and resource-intensive activity as it involves a lot of things like moving your plants to new home, taking all your belongings along with you, etc. You need to find a moving truck, movers, properly pack things, and solve other moving issues. It is even more difficult if you need to organize a move with children. How to organize the moving-with-kids process? Let’s figure it out. If you want to spend more time with your family you better consider hiring moving professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. 

How do I prepare my children for the move?

To ensure that the change of environment does not negatively affect the child’s fragile psyche, parents must properly prepare their children for this event. Kids will be ready for a new place of residence if they are periodically told about all the advantages of moving. Describe the advantages of their future room, the presence of a modern playground in the yard, etc.

How to prepare your child for the move?

It is important to consider age. The “critical” age for moving is 6-12 years. Children need to adapt not only to the new environment but they will also part with their friends. It is especially difficult if the change of residence entails a change of school.

Consider the interests of the child

If your daughter likes to dance, find a dance school near the new apartment. Let us know that you will be happy to go there with your child. Does your son like football? It is good if there is a stadium or a football section near the house.

Failed to interest the child in the prospects of moving? Do not despair. Come up with a reward that your offspring will receive if they agree to a new place of residence. The main thing here is not to make it clear to the child that he can now receive gifts for every positive decision. Otherwise, it will negatively affect further relationships with it.

A good effect can be achieved if you ask the child to help arrange a new place of residence. Go shopping with him/her for finishing materials. Let the kid take part in the selection of wallpaper, flooring, etc.

Summer is the best time to move with your child

It is best to move in the warm season. In winter, the risk of property damage increases. Low temperature, ice, and other negative factors have a bad effect on the move.

A long stay on a cold street when loading and unloading special equipment can also be attributed to the negative factors of the winter move. In the warm season, such disadvantages are not noticed.

In addition, it is important to consider such a factor as the acquaintance of your children with their peers in the yard. In winter, few people can be found in the courtyard today. In the summer, the child, walking on the street, will be able to meet his/her future school friends. This will reduce the stressful situations during the transition to a new school.

Proper organization of the move

If you decide to organize the move yourself, then having children will significantly complicate this process. To avoid them, make a plan for this event. Carefully plan the time that you need to spend packing things, loading boxes, etc.

You need to rent a truck in advance. Almost all moving companies that deal with this issue can help with moving containers or storage.

To avoid problems on the roads, it is better to transport things not during rush hour, but when the streets are free. A good solution is to take time off from work and use your free time to make the move.

We hope that our tips will help you properly organize the move with your children and enjoy your new place of residence.