Modding is the reconstruction and rebuilding of your dream watch. Collectors can modify their watch into their desired design. They can change the straps, dials, and even the crystals and hands of their watch. 

Among many other brands, there is one that can undergo modding. It is a Japanese brand known as Seiko. Since most parts of the watch are available in the market, this brand allows you to customize them. 

If you are a watch modder, you would know that Seiko watches are flexible for modding. 

Fun Fact: Seiko makes every single part of the watch. This is a great feat compared to other brands of watches in the market. 

Modding Option

If you are new, you might think that modding is complicated and might consume much of your time. But don’t fret because there are growing communities of modders online. You can gain ideas from them. 

Here are some popular communities: 

  • Chronomania 
  • Modderiet (Facebook Group)
  • Seiko Mods (Facebook Group)
  • Seiko Watch Club of the Philippines (Facebook Group)
  • Reddit/r/SeikoMods/
  • The Japanese Watch Discussion
  • TZ-UK
  • UhrForum
  • Watchuseek Seiko

Ways to Modify Your Seiko Watch

When it comes to modding, here are two ways that you can do to customize your Seiko watch: 

Full Overhaul

With a full overhaul, you can modify your watch as unique and as distinctive as you want. You can create an elegant and stylish watch using the combined parts from other brands and models. A Seiko SNK809 can be customized with dials and straps from a Rolex Explorer.  

The only limitation to these wonderful modifications is your imagination. As for Seiko watches, you can find the parts anywhere. 

Subtle and Classic

If you are a laid-back kind of person, minimal changes might be the one you need. You can choose a simpler color or change the bezel, ceramic bezel inserts and crystals. 

You may also choose the best hand colors if you want to change it. Slight modifications can already affect the entire look of your watch. 

Required Tools

Before modding your watch, you need certain tools and equipment. These can be bought at the hardware store, and you may even have some of these. 

Here is the list of tools: 

  • Gloves or Finger Cots
  • Case Back Remover
  • Crystal Presser
  • Cleaning Putty
  • Hand Remover
  • Hand Setter
  • Dust Blower
  • Toothpicks
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Gorilla Tape

There are forums online that can help you customize your Seiko watch. They give easy to follow descriptions. 

Steps to Modify Your Seiko Watch

This tutorial gives you the basic steps on how to modify your Seiko watch. 

Step 1: Remove the strap first. To do it, you have to compress the flanges on your stock strap then gently pull it out. 

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to open the case back by using a case opener. The movement of your watch is now exposed, so you need to be careful. 

Step 3: The third step is to remove the crown and stem. Gently push the lever with a toothpick. After removing the crown and stem, you can now poke the movement out of the casing. 

Step 4: Next step is to align and remove hands. Put all the hands in the same direction. Then use a hand remover to pull them all out together. 

Step 5: Next, remove the dial. Using a flathead screwdriver, lift the stock dial from the plastic bracket. 

Step 6: Once you are done removing the dial, replace it with a new one. Align the new one with the holes on the plastic bracket and fix it firmly. 

Step 7: Next, replace the hands. Put the hour hand first, then set it in one direction. Hold it down with the tweezers. Then, place the minute hand in the same direction as the hour hand. 

Step 8: After placing the hour and minute hands in one direction, you can now put the second’s hand. Make sure that the hands are firm and accurate. 

Step 9: Replace the crystal using a crystal removal tool. Prod the stock crystal out, then change it with a new crystal. 

Step 10: The last step is to return the crown and stem. Press the movement firmly back into the case, then connect the strap.

Mod Specialists

If you are hesitant to do the modifications on your own, you can buy Seiko watches that are already modified by reputable businesses. You may also contact mod specialists who will help you with your modification. 

Professional Watchmakers

If you lack tools and want to seek professional services, you may contact professional watchmakers to modify your Seiko watch. 


Watch modding can be an exciting experience. You can put enhancements on your watch according to your style. However, modding needs patience. It also requires appropriate tools and equipment to come up with a perfectly-modified watch.