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How Can I Make My Car Speakers Louder?

The quality of car stereo speakers is possibly a major concern for many car buyers. Not many people think of upgrading the sound system of their brand new car. That’s because they already have a premium-quality sound system. 

However, for the rest, there is always room for improvement – especially when the car is on the older side. Or maybe your car music was excellent at first, but now it is getting worse. People even use subwoofers for cars to improve the quality of sound.

So, you are feeling the need for louder music in your car. You are possibly wondering, how can I make my car speakers louder?

Well, there are many ways. To be honest, you can upgrade your car’s audio without spending thousands of bucks. In this article, we’ll discuss some easy-to-follow upgrades and tricks to improve your car’s sound quality. 

Tips to Make My Car Speakers Louder?

You’ve lived with your old factory system for a while. Now you are ready to upgrade it for better and louder sound. Here we come with some tips to make your car best speakers louder. It is worthwhile to give them a try. 

So, let’s get started!

  • Replace Old Car Speakers
  • The car manufacturer often overlooks the speakers while designing and manufacturing cars. That’s why you get poor sound in your factory speakers. Though the modern car comes with a better system, still some models use cheap amps and speakers. 

    Here you can make a massive difference by installing a pair of decent aftermarket speakers. Aftermarket speakers are great for providing overall clarity and tighter bass. You’ll notice the notes that you’ve never heard before. 

    If you are worried about the budget, replacement speakers don’t cost too much. In fact, you’ll get maximum bang for your buck. You can get the best speakers for a car from here. 

  • Add An Amplifier
  • As mentioned, these day factory speakers come with a poor-quality amplifier, so adding an external amplifier can give your car sound a massive boost. The additional power of the amplifier will bring your speakers to life.

    It not only makes the sound louder but also adds control to your speakers. This improves the music details. However, it is essential to get high-quality cables and wires. 

  • Choose High-Quality Music Files
  • If the music uses higher compression, it sounds okay while listening through earbuds. But, most of the time, you lose high and low frequencies when listening in the car. So, try to use minimum compression as possible.

    Note that the higher the bit rate, the better it will sound on your car’s system. So set up the audio quality with high resolution. 

  • Add Car Subwoofers
  • Adding subwoofers is the cheapest option to get louder sound. If installed properly, subwoofers can make your car sound great. The subwoofer is the inner-cone of the woofer that produces bass and sub-bass.

    The frequency range of the subwoofer is between 20Hz and 200Hz. It can make the sound louder even without an amplifier. After adding subwoofers, you can hear those non-existent low frequencies. 

    In fact, low frequencies will provide deep rich tones that smaller speakers cannot. You can discover notes that you couldn’t hear before. 

    People even use subwoofers for cars to improve the quality of sound. -Not to mention replacing their old components with standard size 6.5-inch speakers with powerful sounds. Explore more of these speakers on this link, if you want more details.

  • Get An Equalizer
  • The interior component of the car has a significant impact on sound quality. The glass reflects the sound, while the carpet soaks up the sound. It affects because the interior features boost the frequency response.

    So, here you’ll need an equalizer to level these peaks. Install an equalizer next to the amplifier to get a louder sound.

  • Bypass Your Player’s DAC Converter
  • In most cases, you play music through your smartphone. The built-in DAC in the smartphone is enough to deliver a clear tone through earbuds. But, when you connect it with your car, you’ll not get the same sound. So, it is essential to use a quality USB cable.

  • Sound Deadening
  • The harsh environment of your car can also affect the sound quality. Mostly, the tin-alike metal of your car vibrates a lot when you drive. It resonates and makes road noise. And, the vibration gets louder with the increased speed.

    So, you can deal with these vibrations and road noises by installing sound deadening material. Dynamat is the most used and high-efficiency sound dampening material. 

    Dynamat minimizes the interior noise and provides a stable platform for the door speakers. So, you don’t have to adjust the volume while driving. You can enjoy the louder sound at highway speeds. 

  • Regular Adjustment
  • Sometimes, you may lower the sound accidentally by tempering the controls. If you increase the bass to an extreme level, it will cause nothing but distortion. The premium car speakers may adopt this drastic change.

    However, if you have low-quality speakers, it will become overloaded. Your overloaded speakers cannot provide optimum sound. So, you should make a regular adjustment to make sure it is working.


We hope these tricks and upgrades will minimize your struggle of hearing certain parts of music. Give them a try, instead of thinking, how can I make my car speakers louder? So you can now head to your next trip with an excellent sound system.

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