Making a video from a collection of photos is usually done to record memories or video documentation of activities. Creating a video from this collection of images will have its own value, especially if you add a particular song to accompany it. Pieces that contain elements of memories will make the video from this photo even more alive and memorable.

In the past, making videos from this collection of photos was indeed quite complex. Besides being hard to make, the applications used are also prominent in size and quite pricey. But now, making a video from a collection of photos can be done quickly and with less to no penny.

Creating videos from photos on a laptop is no longer requires large-sized applications and needs to pay for a license. By combining the desktop and a decent internet connection, you can make videos from photos plus equip them with various exciting filters.

Not only using a laptop, creating a fantastic video from photos with songs for free can also be done only with a smartphone. However, you still need to install a free application, then the process of making videos can be done quickly later. The result? Don’t worry; it would be master-crafted by a pro.

How to Make Video from Photos on Mobile

This can be the most effective method to use today. Quality photos can now also be produced from smartphones so that the whole process can be straightforward because editing can be done immediately after the picture is taken.

The results of the video can also be easily adjusted to your needs. For example, videos that will be uploaded to Instagram with a specific time limit. So the editor on this phone can already change it to the various templates provided. So that shortly after the editing process, you can directly share it on social media, all without a hustle.

The videos produced by the editor using a smartphone are not inferior to the results of editing with a laptop or desktop. But of course, don’t compare it to the quality of the video editing by pro editors.

In contrast to the video editor on a laptop whose features are too complex, it makes users more enjoyed and easily access all the features provided. With the help of an editing app like VivaVideo, you can edit your short video pretty quickly. 

How to Make Video from Photos on Laptop Online

Editing videos created from photos collection on laptops or desktops is usually done through a video editor application. Some famous ones are Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Corel Video Studio. But you could say some of these applications are the swords and shields of pro video editors.

Sometimes, creating videos from photos using an application on a laptop becomes tricky because the various features are too complex. So, therefore, we’d suggest you use media that is now more practical. Nowadays, you can edit your pics and music into one beautiful video online. Access websites like Moviemaker Online or other platforms to quickly achieve this.

But remember, when browsing for them online, you still need additional protection. You can protect yourself and keep sensitive information safe with Windows VPN. It adds another layer of protection you can thank for another day. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

If you want a better outcome, apps are the only way to go.

Editing Videos with Apps

Whether it’s a personal moment or not, the ability to edit videos is needed. There are many very complex and technologically advanced software available specifically for professional film and video editors. However, the video editors below are entirely accessible, even without the need for a high-end PC because they are all available online.

1. WeVideo

This online video editor interface is straightforward to use even for beginners and can help you make good videos. WeVideo can be used for editing on any device, offering you the flexibility of creating and uploading videos on any device. Good thing is, WeVideo can be enjoyed on all available platforms, including Macs, Windows, Android, and iOs.

2. Loopster

Even working as a beginner in the industry, you can simply use Loopster because this tool gives you an easy platform where you can make your regular videos look like they were professionally edited. One of the advantages is that it includes a varied collection of sound effects that you can use to add to your videos.

3. PowTown

This platform can be considered as an all-in-one online video editor you can always depend on. Not only to be used personally but PowTown has primarily been known for its usefulness for lecturers or teachers as well. The already presented templates can help the users a lot in creating multiple videos quickly. With a drop-and-drag mechanism, you can easily edit your video to be beautifully crafted.